All Time Low, Don’t Panic, Album Review

Mairéad Bilton-Gough

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Maryland natives move away from mainstream airwaves and back to their roots for 5th LP.

More often than not, when pop-punk bands begin to make a name for themselves they become a lot more pop than punk.

It seemed All Time Low were very much headed in that direction with 2011’s Dirty Work, soon to fit the category of ‘bands I used to be into’ for many a pop-punk fan.

Luckily, with the release of their fifth and latest album, the four-piece have headed back to their roots – as seems to be trending for many bands of the genre of late. Don’t Panic sees the group returning to their old label, and resembling their original sound.

Insanely catchy guitar riffs and drum beats fill the 12-track listing, with much of the collection bound to get stuck in your head and have you singing along.


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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Sorrow. Pain. The inability to wake up from your own personal prison of hell. This song is all about that. We think its about someone’s love that has died in war, but in reality, its about Bille Joe and his dads issues. Even though the meaning that the song is supposed to have is different , the feelings and emotions the artist is conveying are true for both situations. This song can be interpreted in numerous ways and that is truly why I love it. So, here is Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day.



Every time I listen to this song (or this version of the song) tears come to my life. I feel the words and emotions that John Mayer is sending from the lyrics of the song. His voice is smooth like velvet and his voice makes you feel the heart wrenching story he is telling. There is always a girl, who lives without their fathers in their lives, and determine the way they act according to the feelings of growing up with no father or a father leaving. Even as a male, Mayer was able to truly captivate the environment and situation in its entirety. And that is why I love this song so much. It is truly a beautiful piece of art. So here it is: John Mayer – Daughters


At Skyfall 007

Adele. Flawless. As usual. What else is there to really say?

I must admit, I did not like the song on intitally hearing it, but then the beauty of Adele’s voice sunk in and captivated my ear drums with the perfection that her voice has. Each word was coated and colored with the emotion and expression that we can only get from Adele. So here it is. Skyfall, named after the new 007 Bond film, and if the film is anything like the song…well lets just say its gonna be good.


It Will Rain

“If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door. ‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication, to realize what we used to have we don’t have it anymore”. This line right here just describes why this song is pure, creative genius. This line is so revealing of the characters love that it is truly heartbreaking. Bruno Mars creates the imagery of a broken heart so beautifully and uses the accurate wording to describe the complexity of the emotions of a person in a situation as such. He is basically saying that he would die without the love of his life with him. This is truly and emotional piece and one of my very favourite songs. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars is the song I have chosen today.

*It is also featured on the twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 Soundtrack*


This is actually my favourite song…or one of. This song, is the song that inspires me to do things faster, and better. When I’m at the gym or on a run and I put this song on, I feel like a beast. Every time I listen to this song I feel beastly. Plus, I am in love with dubstep. That is mainly what I listen to these days. When that drop arrives, oh! I cannot even explain how impeccable a good bass drop is. Skrillex achieves that in this song. SCATTA BY SKRILLEX everyone is an extremely wonderful song.

Band: Daughter Song: Smother

musical forays

I was stumbling around the Internet about a week ago and I came across a band I could not believe I had never heard before. Their songs are simple, haunting and raw. I have been needing a new band exactly like this, so it was fated that we meet. So random was our encounter, yet so meaningful our relationship has become. The band is called Daughter, and they have so far released two EP’s: His Young Heart (2011) & The Wild Youth (2012). The song below is a single called “Smother”. There was an instant attraction for me to this song for a myriad of reasons. Lead singer, Elena Tonra croons over beautiful guitars, singing “I’m a foolish fragile spine, I want all that is all that is not mine, I want him but we’re not right.” Simply put, perfectly heartbreaking.

For an intense emotional song about how…

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