Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree

This is actually one of my favourite songs, but in actuality, what James Vincent McMorrow song is not? This is one of the most peaceful and beautiful songs I have ever listened to in my life. I just fell in love from the moment I heard it. I would go into an analysis of the lyrics, but I would just end up going on forever and nobody wants to read all of that. I just hope that this song brings to you as much peace and it has brought to me.


Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever. I can relate to this songs (just like I suspect many others can), especially after the week I have had. This song is about the memories that we have from the significant memories that we have had with people who were special to us at one point in our lives or another. Maroon 5 clearly paints a picture of the brokenhearted feeling that one gets when something ends. It does hurt, life hurts. But we have to move on and learn to make new and beautiful memories. “Nothing Lasts Forever, but be honest babe, its hurts but it may be the only way”. Whether or not this song evokes tears or resurrects buried memories, hopefully this will become a timeless song that you can relate to.


High For This

This is one of those signature songs that launched the artist into the ranks of stardom and that one song that annoys you so much but that you will almost always sing whenever you hear it just because almost everyone and every radio station knows it. High For This by The Weeknd is one of those classic R&B songs about the wondrous topic of sex and ones attractiveness (presumably female in his case). Although I love the original song, I also loved the cover by Ellie Goulding. You know, the girl who dated Skrillex? So, today, I have decided to post both versions of the song for you to decide which one that you like better. Listen, enjoy, and “trust me boy/girl, you wanna be…high for this”.

The Weeknd:

Ellie Goulding:

Let My Love Adorn You♥

Miguel. His voice is so angelic and sensual, sometimes I feel as though I could listen to him all day. His song Adorn, picked up a Grammy at the 2013 ceremony this weekend, and although I had this song on my iPod from before, I didn’t actually make a move to play it until the night of the Grammy ceremony. Let me just say that this song deserved the award it got. It is such a beautiful song. The beat is your classic R&B beat and it sounds like something you would expect to hear from Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Usher, BoysIIMen. Its a great song, that’s perfect for easy listening over a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.


Fix You

This is one of those songs that I listen to when I feel down and out and I need and crave that inspiration that my life seems to be lacking. This is one of those songs that makes me feel like I can do/be anything and conquer the world by simply allowing the feelings from the song to be my guide. This is one of those songs that shines light on your path when you are dark. You feel fixed, it can fix you. Coldplay’s song Fix You is a poetic piece about finding ones way out of the darkness and fixing one’s broken self (with the help of others of course). But you can only in the end fix yourself. And even though Coldplay’s lyrics may give you the motivation, you have to put it into action at the end of the day. So, here is one of my all time favourite tunes. Enjoy 🙂