All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

“Why you wanna break my heart again…Why am I going to let you try?”

Once again, I present you you another beautifully crafted break up song from John Mayer. This song paints a descriptive picture of how a break up may look from an artistic point of view. Even though this song can be viewed as more of an art piece, there is also an underlying theme of heart wrenching heart break and heart ache, which kind of makes you feel a bit…depressed. This is one of those songs that you would have on replay after experiencing your first, or twentieth break up from someone that you really loved or that you were really close to. This song will remind you of all the good times and hard times that you had with this special someone. This song will make you remember why you said goodbye to that person in the first place. This song will help you remember why you kept on saying bye. Goodbye is such a hard word to say when its so final, when its so solidifying. This song paints a picture of the pain that final goodbyes bring. But they are necessary and at the end of the day, or years from that day, it will be just as beautifully crafted as this song.


Bottoms Up

This one of those songs that you learn to like due to conformity. Trey Songz is a gorgeous man with an acceptable vocal talent and a stunning set of abs, but that is defiently not the point of this review. This song is simply about picking up a girl from the club while she is rather intoxicated. There is truly once again no premise to this song at all aside from the fact that it is catchy. It is a good song for the club and Nicki Minaj’s feature does add a little something, something to the song. Now, I did not fall in love with the original version of this song; I fell in love with the April Smith and the Great Picture Show’s baroque version of this song. It has a cool vintage feel to it, which makes it a lovable version. So, for you listening and comparing pleasure, I have added both. I wonder which one you will like better ;).



Don’t Know Why

Pretty Music. That’s what this song is. Norah Jones is a very famous jazz musician who has won numerous Grammy awards for her excellence in music. “Don’t Know Why” is probably her most notable song. It is that song that you instantly link to her. I think that almost everyone that is older has heard this song. I think that this is a beautiful song about a chance at love that one has missed. I like songs that have poetic lyrics. This song’s lyrics are captivating and beautiful. I love everything about it.


Out across the endless sea. I would die in ecstacy. But I’ll be a bag of bones, driving down the road alone.


My heart is drenched in wine, but you’ll be on my mind…forever.



This song is a beautiful song about sex without the presence of love. I mean, the Weeknd has never sung about loveless intercourse in any of his songs before…no, he hasn’t (It’s in every song). Basically, what I am trying to get at is that this is the Weeknd song that I am currently obsessed with today. His almost flawless falsetto and vocals make this song sound like a peaceful seranade towards a woman that he is in love with…but realistic he’s just telling her how she’s gonna get it in a very beautiful way. That works too. This song is just soothing and I could listen to it, for probably 5-10 times on repeat. After that, I kind of move on… and I am no longer talking about the song itself. This song is just the perfect ode to bedroom love. There really is nothing left to say about this piece of music…I’m just repeating myself now…ok, done.


American Boy

Remember this song? Wow, I am actually kind of doing a Throwback Thursday post here. Ok, this works. Now, to begin my commentary/critique of this song, I have to mention that Estelle (the singer) is British, and that just this knowledge alone is enough to explain her fascination and desire to acquire an “American Boy”. Hence, the title of the song. Basically this song is about how Estelle loves American Boy’s due to the different traits, stereotypes  and visual accompaniments that come with them. This is completely normal guys. I mean, I love Italian Boys for the same reason, but that’s a post for another day. Back to the song. Kanye West is featured on this track and as usual, his rap kind of makes the song…better. Just a bit in this case though because this song is good in itself. This song is…different, but unique. Her voice is soft which complements the soft R&B beat in the background. The lyrics actually make sense! There is a point to this song, even though the point isn’t amazing or anything, but its not just about sexy time. Its a fun song; I like it. It was liked enough to win a Grammy so, I hope that you like it too, and hopefully find a cute, fashionable, stunning, tall, model-esque, Tour Guide Type, dressed in Fur, American Boy (who lives in NY or LA).