I like Ellie Goulding. I think she has a cute voice. Do I think that she’s a powerhouse? No. Do I think her music is good to listen to? yes. The first time I even heard of Goulding was when I heard her cover of The Weeknd’s High for This, which I actually quite enjoyed. Then I found out that she was dating Skrillex for a bit there and I fell in love with her because….well I kind of Love Skrillex.

Burn is actually a really cute and inspiring song as it talks about self expression and why one should be who we are. Sometimes we are more successful at being ourselves and letting our fire burn than we are at being something else. We all have a fire, we just have to find it within. I love this song because it talks about individually and collectively finding our “Spark”. It’s kind of like Katy Perry’s Firework…the message I mean. Also, its just a great song to dance to. I just love it. Its a replay ting.

P.S. This was my choice song for this year’s Word on the Street festival in Toronto. Every year at this annual festival, I quote one song that has relevance to the way my day went. This was my song this year; it was obviously a good day. I got TTC Buttons.


“J’s on my feet, so get like me”. Such profound lyrics. Now, I just want to take this moment to say that Miley Cyrus is a genius. Change yourself in the most controversial way in order to create profit….and its working. 23 is a Mike WiLL Made It song which features Miley Cyrus, Wiz Kalifha, and Juicy J. This is actually a good dancing/clubbing song; I really like it. There’t not much to say really. Its a good song, I like it. Work out to it or walk to it. It has a good beat. Its the first time Miley raps on a track. It is unique and its just as good as any other rap song out there. Enjoy!

Wake Me Up

How I love this song, but I can tell you this to start, my review of this song is going to be a little bit different from my others. You see, I view this song as two songs in one: One song is the electronic mix by the title artist Avicii, and the other song is the embedded folk song and lyrics by Aloe Blancc. I love the lyrics; the background mix, not so much. This song would have been an amazing stand alone folk song since Blancc’s voice is just spectacular. Although Avicii’s background mix is great for a workout, I don’t think that it really complimented this song. Many people may want to debate me on this and that’s fine. I do like this song a lot, I just see it as two separate songs put together that would have probably been better…apart.

“Life’s a game made for everyone, and Love is a prize♥” 

Same Love

I am absolutely in love with Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis right now. Even more so, I am in love with this song. On my daily TTC commutes to school this week, I have found myself listening to this song on repeat. Not only is the beat amazing (props to Lewis), but the lyrics of this song are even more profound. This song is about gay right and equality. Although Mackelmore is American, I think that this song was written to show the issues that homosexuals face in all parts of the world. This song perfectly paints a picture of the struggle and discrimination that is faced in this group of individuals. I love this song even more because it has made an issue that many refuse or dislike to talk about a mainstream discussion as one may listen to this song and reflect. Not only are Mackelmore’s lyrics just amazing, but the chorus, sung by Mary Lambert is even more beautiful; it completes the song. Lambert is a lesbian, and her line “she keeps me warm” is descriptive of how her love with her partner is just as valuable as a heterosexual love.  This song is just the perfect picture to be painted in this society today. We need to be open to the issues of social change and equality. I love this song, and it truly is one of the most memorable songs I have ever listened to. Great one Mackelmore, Great one.