Leave the Night On

In honour of Sam Hunt performing in Toronto last night (and me living vicariously through my friends) I have decided to post another one of my favourite Sam Hunt songs, Leave the Night On. Leave the Night On is a fun and upbeat song about having a good old fun time.¬† There is also the element of young love in there as well. There is really nothing much else to it. It is fun and catchy; you’re sure to stay dancing.


Take Your Time

Take Your Time is a kind of love song by Sam Hunt. This song is about a guy who wants to introduce himself to a girl that he is instantly smitten with but nervous to approach. There is also discussion of a male falling into the traditional stereotypes of a guy approaching a girl at the bar. The lyrics of this song are basically going through the typical assumptions one makes when a guy approaches a girl at the bar, and attempting to shatter them by the lyrics promoting different, more positive, intentions.

While that is how I interpreted the song, the video is a little different. It shows guy who is smitten with a girl that he has seen but does not really know. He realizes that she is unhappy and for some reason he feels drawn to her.

I really liked this song and the meaning behind it. Another great one by Sam Hunt!

Book Review #4: The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

The DUFFNow, I didn’t read this on my iPod (Yes, I purchased the actual book), but I know that you can still purchase and read this as an ebook so it still qualifies for an review!

The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) is a Young Adult Novel by Kody Keplinger. I remember reading this book in 2011 when I was 16 and not really understanding the book at that time, but 2 nights ago, I finally watch the movie and I had a sudden urge to re-read this book. At age 20, I can finally say that I love this book, I can really relate to it and its characters, and I read it in under one day.

The DUFF is a novel about a young woman named Bianca Piper. She is neither pretty or ugly, but she is less attractive than her best friends, Casey and Jessica. While she knows this, it does not bother her until she bumps into Wesley Rush (her later on love interest) at her favourite chill spot, The Nest. He proceeds to tell Bianca that she should pretend to be happy with the fact that he is talking to her because she is the DUFF of her group. She gets angry and throws her favourite drink, Cherry Coke, in his face and storms off with her friends.

She begins to think about what her being the DUFF means about her life and social status as her life is beginning to ravel apart. She becomes overly distracted with the thoughts of her new found real unattractiveness and her parents impending divorce. At her next meeting with Wesley, he begins to irritate her just as he did last time, but they share a kiss in the Nest that will ultimately change the course of their relationship.

The next day, Wesley and Bianca are assigned to be partners on an upcoming English assignment. While working on the assignment at Wesley’s house, things get real intimate between the two of them, and their secret sexual relationship begins.

Bianca uses this relationship with Wesley as a way to escape her thoughts and the world that is crashing around her. Ultimately, he plan of using Wesley for an exhilarating escape backfires as she begins to fall for him.

My favourite line of this book has to be “Wesley Rush doesn’t chase girls, but I’m chasing you”. This line said so much about both characters transitions throughout the novel. It also made me feel warm and gushy inside and provoked a cute little “awww” so that’s also why I liked it. Wesley Rush is probably my fictional crush at the moment.

I rarely ever do this, but I would honestly rate the book 5/5. I can’t find anything really wrong with it. I LOVED reading this book and I crave a sequel (even though I know that probability is low). I fell in love with both the characters of Bianca and Wesley, as well as their additional friends and family members. This book didn’t leave me hating any characters or having second thoughts about them. It really was a feel good, coming of age book. I recommend it for all teens (over the age of 16).

The movie was also really good! Even thought it kind of deviates from the novel (because you really cant have those sex scenes in a teen movie) it was a very good film. It was funny, the roles of Bianca and Wesley were played well. I really did enjoy it. Its no mean girls, but I enjoyed it. And also based off of the movie, Wesley Rush is probably my fictional crush at the moment.

So, If you have not already read this book, I recommend that you do! It is such a good read!

eBook Review #3: A Long Goodbye

18625049I have just finished reading A Long Goodbye by Kelly Mooney. I stumbled upon this book while doing my usually iTunes rounds. Once again, this is another romance novel but I actually did quite like this one. This book is written from both the Female and Male protagonists point of view.

This book focuses on a young woman named Ashton, who is controlled by her politician father. He loves her but appears to love his profession more as he makes life decisions for her that will benefit him and his campaign in the long run. After Ashton’s mother passes away, her father becomes even more controlling and protective. As she is now an adult, she wants to have the freedom to make her own choices and to make her own mistakes. The tension between Ashton and her father begins when her dad encourages her to marry a man that she knows is bad for her. In light of this, she and her best friend Lu decide that it would be a good opportunity to go on a road trip so that she can experience what may be her last opportunity for freedom and happiness in her life. Her father agrees to let her go on this trip but hires someone to follow her, which she does not know.

Dane is a former Soilder. He has returned home due to trauma and injuries incurred while trying to save his friend in combat. He is unsure about whether or not he wants to return to the army when his brother provides him with a job that will benefit his company. He has been assigned to follow Ashton on her one week of travelling and to be discreet about it. He agrees and sets off on this new journey.

The long and the short is that Dane does not stay discreet and a romance begins between Woody and Grace (their alter egos). When they return back home, they will go through trails that will test their love for one another.

This was actually quite a good read. I enjoyed the fact that there was an element of mystery to this story. I also enjoyed the fact that there was so much at stake in this relationship and that¬†class discrimination exists in this novel. The only thing I did not like about this book had to be the ending. Yes they do end up together and get married, and live happily ever after, I would have preferred if everything didn’t work out. There was so much against them throughout the novel that it kind of seemed strange that everything fell so perfectly into place, even with her friend Lu. For that, I would rate this book a 3.5/5.