Heavy In Your Arms

This is one of the most dark and metaphorical songs I have ever heard. It is also one of my favourite songs. Heavy in Your Arms, by Florence and the Machine, is a song that was specifically written for the Twilight:Eclipse film and accompanying soundtrack. I do not remember exactly where in the film this song was played because it has been that long since I have seen the film (and frankly, Eclipse was my least favourite). Heavy in Your Arms is such a powerful song, both vocally and instrumentally and it paints a picture that allows the listener to feel the pain that the song emulates. Whenever I listen to this song, I envision a person who has demons within that begin to destroy their relationship. Even though they have these problems, their partner continues to hold on and love them in the best way that they can. Even though it is a sad song, there is a hint of happiness from the fact that there is an endless hope and love that Florence seems to be singing about. It kind of makes you think of Edward and Bella’s eternal vampire love (really, not really). The music video for this song is just as dark, yet meaningful. This song will make you think and it may evoke emotions from within. Although this song may not spark everyone’s listening interests, it is still a beautifully dark song that can be loved.


Turning Page

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of blog posting that has happened this year. Basically, I’m at a point where school, work, and life has faltered my desire to blog every week ( although I do often think about it). Anyways, you’re lucky today, because I have another song review for…you!

Turning Page is a song by Sleeping At Last. This song was on the Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. Now anyone that knows me should know that I know everything and probably still do have  a slight obsession with it, but right now thats besides the point.

This song was featured in the film when Bella was walking down the isle to marry Edward. (remember that scene, with all of the flowers and lights hanging from the ceiling? Of course you do.) This is absolutely one of the most beautiful wedding/love songs I have ever heard. Its basically all of the vows a guy never wants to say put into a beautiful song so that he really never has to say them beacuse they have already been said for him because thats exactly what he was thinking. So, listen to this song, don’t cry or get emotional ( or do if you’re in that mood), and dont steal these lyrics for your wedding vows. Enjoy.

A Thousand Years ♥

“I have died waiting for you…I have loved you for a thousand years”. These lyrics just seem so fitting for a film like this. So, I saw Breaking Dawn part 2 this weekend and I don’t know if it was the fact that my favourite novel turned movie franchise was ending, the fact that the ending sequence was so beautiful, or the fact that this song was so sad yet fitting that tears came to my eyes as I witnessed this end to an era. I think it was everything above combined. This song represents the love between Bella and Edward in such a good way…its like it was written just for them. They are dead, well the living dead and they will be together and in love for thousands of years. I hope that you all will love this beautiful song by Christina Perri and for all of those twilight lovers out there, I hope it makes you feel as emotional yet complete as it made me feel.



It Will Rain

“If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door. ‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication, to realize what we used to have we don’t have it anymore”. This line right here just describes why this song is pure, creative genius. This line is so revealing of the characters love that it is truly heartbreaking. Bruno Mars creates the imagery of a broken heart so beautifully and uses the accurate wording to describe the complexity of the emotions of a person in a situation as such. He is basically saying that he would die without the love of his life with him. This is truly and emotional piece and one of my very favourite songs. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars is the song I have chosen today.

*It is also featured on the twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 Soundtrack*