This is actually my favourite song…or one of. This song, is the song that inspires me to do things faster, and better. When I’m at the gym or on a run and I put this song on, I feel like a beast. Every time I listen to this song I feel beastly. Plus, I am in love with dubstep. That is mainly what I listen to these days. When that drop arrives, oh! I cannot even explain how impeccable a good bass drop is. Skrillex achieves that in this song. SCATTA BY SKRILLEX everyone is an extremely wonderful song.

Band: Daughter Song: Smother

musical forays

I was stumbling around the Internet about a week ago and I came across a band I could not believe I had never heard before. Their songs are simple, haunting and raw. I have been needing a new band exactly like this, so it was fated that we meet. So random was our encounter, yet so meaningful our relationship has become. The band is called Daughter, and they have so far released two EP’s: His Young Heart (2011) & The Wild Youth (2012). The song below is a single called “Smother”. There was an instant attraction for me to this song for a myriad of reasons. Lead singer, Elena Tonra croons over beautiful guitars, singing “I’m a foolish fragile spine, I want all that is all that is not mine, I want him but we’re not right.” Simply put, perfectly heartbreaking.

For an intense emotional song about how…

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Figgy – Can’t See/Don’t Waste EP

Speedy & Slow-Mo

You all best have some dope imagination while listening to this 2-track EP from New York producer Figgy. You might remember the house vibes on the Broke City Summer Collection released over this past summer from the likes of Sleepyhead, Dunes, Mohegan Son, and Figgy himself that still resonate in October from the depths of my itunes library. “Can’t Say” and “Don’t Waste”, put out today for free download in turn for a Facebook like, aren’t that much comparable to the tracks on the Broke City compilation but are nonetheless solid. Lie to you not, I was thinking to myself while listening to these that they belong over some slow time-lapse video of some Great Lake, city, or perhaps the Grand Canyon. My thoughts turned out to be the case. You can peep a very time-lapse film of the Grand Canyon below. Like I said, lay back like the beats…

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