The Way

Although I do not hold a great affinity towards Ariana Grande or Mac Miller, I must say that this is a seemingly flawless musical combination. Grande has a stellar voice that can be compared to that of Mariah Carey. Lets be completely honest here; most people who indulge in pop music do like Mariah Carey. MacMiller’s rap did compliment the feel of the song. You can tell from both the video and the song that these two do have a good chemistry. To conclude, I truly did like this song. It is a catchy tune that I find myself listening to during my morning walks to the bus stop.


Blurred Lines

I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH ROBIN THICKE OK? Ever since I heard “Lost Without You”, I have been totally in love with this man. His voice is beautiful, smooth, and just so sensual. I just love him. This song, Blurred Lines, produced by Pharrell, is a cool jazz, R&B track that has a vintage feel to it. You can imagine yourself dancing to this in a jazz club or in a sophisticated New York type of dance place. The addition of T.I. to the track was good, I liked it. I liked this song. #Thicke

We Can’t Stop

When it comes to Miley Cyrus, I am a very selective listener. In saying that, I loved the Backyard Sessions, because it was so…Miley. Although this music does represent her new image, I was just not blown away by this musical effort. Does that mean I hate it: No. Does this mean I love it: No. It is simply alright in my mind. I like the chill beat as it compliments the tone of the song. I like the background rapping. Her voice is average in this song. It just didn’t blow me away and I probably will not have this on replay, but I do think that it was worth a blog post. Yes, I do think that this is all I have to write about this. Until next time…