On August 29, I had the experience of a lifetime. I got to go to my first large venue concert at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, ON and listen to one of my favourite musicians perform live. On one of his later stops on the Search for Everything tour, John Mayer gave a beautiful performance.  What I enjoyed the most was that he focused mostly on his ability to play the guitar more than the vocals. I became more mesmerized with every guitar solo I heard him play. I got to hear some of my old favourites like Daughters, Waiting on a World to change and Gravity, but I was also exposed to a couple of new songs I enjoyed such as: Never on the day you leave,  and Emoji of a Wave. I hope that you’ll give some of my videos a listen And I hope that whether you like him or not, John’s music can resonate with you in some way.



Happy June Everyone! This is a fun month because school lets out, vacations happen, it starts to get warmer. Everything just seems…better.

Beyonce’s song XO is one of my favourite songs from that spontaneous album that she dropped on us a couple of months ago. I loved the song and I think that its beautiful in its own R&B kind of way.

Now, John Mayer (my love) decided to do a cover of this song and it kinda blew me away. It is beautiful and the simplicity of the guitar in the background makes it a more passionate ballad. Basically what I’m saying is that I liked John Mayer’s version better.

Listen to both versions below and then tell me in the poll which one you preferred!


Beyonce’s Version


John Mayer’s Version

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

“Why you wanna break my heart again…Why am I going to let you try?”

Once again, I present you you another beautifully crafted break up song from John Mayer. This song paints a descriptive picture of how a break up may look from an artistic point of view. Even though this song can be viewed as more of an art piece, there is also an underlying theme of heart wrenching heart break and heart ache, which kind of makes you feel a bit…depressed. This is one of those songs that you would have on replay after experiencing your first, or twentieth break up from someone that you really loved or that you were really close to. This song will remind you of all the good times and hard times that you had with this special someone. This song will make you remember why you said goodbye to that person in the first place. This song will help you remember why you kept on saying bye. Goodbye is such a hard word to say when its so final, when its so solidifying. This song paints a picture of the pain that final goodbyes bring. But they are necessary and at the end of the day, or years from that day, it will be just as beautifully crafted as this song.



Every time I listen to this song (or this version of the song) tears come to my life. I feel the words and emotions that John Mayer is sending from the lyrics of the song. His voice is smooth like velvet and his voice makes you feel the heart wrenching story he is telling. There is always a girl, who lives without their fathers in their lives, and determine the way they act according to the feelings of growing up with no father or a father leaving. Even as a male, Mayer was able to truly captivate the environment and situation in its entirety. And that is why I love this song so much. It is truly a beautiful piece of art. So here it is: John Mayer – Daughters


Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

John Mayer. What can I say? Your mystical lyrics, blow me away. This song has been running though my mind all day. I mean, its true, if you can’t get along with the person you love, is there any significant reason to be with them? Not really. I feel that if there is no really good reason to talk to a person or to express yourself to a person, then whey should you do it? And that’s why this song is so relevant to me. It emulates how I feel about love and communication. Because without one, can there ever really be the other?