To be honest, I forgot about updating this blog until…my camper introduced me to one of Katy Perry’s new songs and I fell in love with in and I needed to tell someone so I decided to tell my lovely blog followers. Birthday ┬áis an upbeat, kind of vintage impressionist song by Katy Perry. I absolutely love this song and I have been jamming to it all morning. Its an energetic song and Perry’s vocals are just so on point as usual. So enjoy this song and add it to your summer playlist because it defiently deserves to be there.


Get Her Back

I am still trying to figure out whether or not Robin Thicke’s new album, titled after his wife and the woman that he is pining to get back Paula, is beneficial or negative to his cause. You see, while this song is cute and a great piece of R&B work, I feel that this song was enough. Now to continue on the write an entire album about the situation when you obviously caused the problem seems a little bit…peculiar to me. I feel that this song is beautiful in retrospect to the entire situation. In my opinion, it is kind of the break up song of the summer. I like it for what it is, but I don’t think its necessary in the retrospect of things. So, enjoy it without paying attention to the visuals of the music video itself. Just listen to the talented voice of Robin Thicke as he silently begs for his wife back.