Gangnam Style ♥

Has this song been stuck in your head lately? Its stuck in mine and I really cannot stop doing this dance. Its a great song and really amusing if you listen to the translated lyrics. The video is also hilarious, so enjoy and do the Gangnam Style.

Coming Down

So I went to a festival in Toronto today, called Word on the Street at Queens Park. It was fun and I walked away with 6 cool new books. Maybe one of these books will inspire a song or two. Today, I present you with a The Weeknd song once again. “Coming Down” is a song I love to listen to at night. This song is also from House of Balloons. I hope you enjoy this!

Its a Backstreet Kinda Day

Or I just heard this song on a commercial and thought it should be my song of the day. That’s more like it.

My song of the day is a little bit more upbeat than yesterday. Its by the Backstreet Boys. EVERYBODY! YEAH-AH! ROCK YOUR BODAY! YEAH-AH!

Here’s my song of the day! Enjoy!