Until The End Of Time

How long do you think you will spend loving the love of your life? Justin Timberlake lyrical illustrates the feelings of one who is in hopeless love with their “lover”. I love this song because it is so relaxing to listen to. Timberlake’s voice is as smooth as velvet. The lyrics in this song are just stunning, but then, when has Justin ever taken on a ballad that he hasn’t done to the peak of perfection?



One of my favourite genres of music is dubstep. There are barely any words, just the sounds of transformers discussing future attack plans for world domination. That’s what it sounds like. Once in a while you’ll find a good dubstep song with actual singing in it and you might just fall in love with it. That’s what happened with me. Here is a collaboration between Nero and Skrillex. Enjoy!


She’s Still Loving Me♥

REGGAE! I HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET! You would be surprised wouldn’t you? With my love for Bob Marley and other reggae musicians, I should have done a reggae post by now. I have really just been posting mainstream music and my goal for this blog is to make my music selection more diverse. So on that note, comment on any of my posts with any music you would love for me to review and I will gladly listen to it and do so. On to the actual song of the day.


I love this song. It is on of my favourite reggae/love songs. She’s Still Loving Me by: Morgan Heritage is a song about a woman still sticking by her man even through the hard times. It discusses love and dedication, which are necessary things in making a relationship last forever. They have lyrically illustrated this idea accurately. The beat behind the vocals is just as great. So, listen, enjoy, and rock away.



If you haven’t already heard the news, Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he will be once again bringing sexy back  with the release of a new track on Monday, rumoured to be titled ‘Suit & Tie’. The song is also rumoured to feature Jay Z and Beyonce and to be produced by Timbaland.

Timberlake’s last album, ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ was released back in 2006 but during his time off he has still managed to stay incredibly busy. Since then he has featured on, co written and produced tracks for other artists such as Madonna and Duran Duran, featured in blockbuster movies, endorsed major companies and brands and got married just to name a few.

Time will only tell what direction Timberlake will take with his new album. But one thing is for sure, we will definitely be hearing his new music in clubs regardless of whether they be R&B or dance tracks.

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Let’s Stay Together

“I, am so in love with you, whatever you want to do, is alright with me” Every time I listen to this song I wonder if I am enticed by the lyrics of the song, or by the smooth and sensual voice of Al Green? I still don’t know. I love this song. Its one of those songs that you dance to with the one that you love, and that song that makes you feel like shit at wedding when you have absolutely no one to dance with. It truly is a great song, and I hope that you have great memories about the one you love (or loved) whenever this song is played in your presence :).

Simarik (Kiss Kiss)

I actually had no clue what this song was about until I listened to the english version, but no version compares to the original turkish version. Tarkan’s Simarik (Kiss Kiss) is an incredibly catchy song. The beat it is a great dancing beat and whether or not you understand the words, you’re gonna want to keep on dancing whenever you hear this song.


Turn Around

I love this song. Its so fun and bubbly. It is a rather youthful infusion but anyone at any age who loves pop music will find this song enjoyable. Conor Maynard feat. Ne-Yo was defiently a great combo for a song like this. I always find myself up and dancing whenever I hear this song. You get two great singers together and add their voices to an awesome beat and what do you get? A fan favourite. Here is Turn Around!!!!