Of course again, the fun music of PSY, or simply that guy who sings Gangnam Style, has come to prevail! His new song Gentleman is in my honest opinion, even more catchy than the billion viewed Gangnam Style. It has an old video game kind of sound accompanied with his captivating Korean voice of which all of us English speaking folk can proudly state that they completely do not understand. But we do understand the course, “I’m a mother, father, gentleman”. Yes, we do understand the English part because we are English Speaking Folk. This beat, the lyrics (which we can attempt to sing along to), and the dance, are all as interesting in that way that it can only be when PSY does it. So, enjoy and have fun with this odd yet great piece of music.


Adorn (Live)

Miguel. What else is there really to say. His voice is just so beautiful. I could listen to him sing all day everyday, thats how in love with his voice I am. How do I know that I wouldn’t mind listening to him all the time? Just from his live performance of my absolute favourite song “Adorn” on SNL. It was just perfection. Well, the guitars were kind of extra and took away from the awesomeness that is his vocals, but still, I fell in love with Miguel all over again. I hope that when you listen to his live performance and the actual song (a couple posts back I think) that you will fall in love too!!!

Lost Without You

This is one of those R&B songs that are so sexy and sensual that you fall instantaneously in love with the artist upon hearing it. Robin Thicke’s voice is so smooth and “velvety” that it just sends shivers up and down your spine, but the good kinds. This song made Thicke’s career and it is still his signature song till this day. It truly is just great; R&B at its finest. I just love the fact that this song is Thicke’s ode to his girlfriend about how he is still sexy even though his music isn’t doing as well as it could possibly do. It truly is a sexy song. It makes you think of all of the things you would want to do to…. ANYWAYS MOVING ON!!!! I hope that everytime you listen to this song in a candle lit room with your lover, the love you had is rekindled.



Lets listen to a little Maroon 5 copy, shall we? Troublemaker is a catchy song sung by the newly introduced (to the mainstream music scene) Olly Murs. Although his voice is good, and this song makes you want to dance, you just keep on wondering whether or no Maroon 5 is sitting somewhere close by telling off this boy because he took elements from there “This Love” song and other songs that they have done. Hmmm, the curiosity thrills me. In addition to this similar piece of music that I do find myself enjoying despite the circumstances, the addition of Flo Rida did actually make the song more…different and its own (if that is even possible). So basically, this song is about a girl…it kind of has the same premise as the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber so I really don’t need to go into depth about this. What I am really trying to say in so many words is that, although this is a good song, its just not original and unique. I like it, but this love may last for only a week. Why blog about it then you ask? Because Its been 10 days and I’m drawing a blank when it comes to blogging about songs that I have listened to (and not already written about) over this blogs lifespan. So enjoy this song.


Blue Jeans

I think that I like Lana Del Rey more for her lyrics that for her actual voice. The enchanting thing about her voice is that it is unique and unusual, which makes her cool and ultimately in a league of her own. This song, Blue Jeans, is another one of those songs that simply captivated me because of her lyrics. Her voice added the creepiness and feeling of heart ache that the piece was supposed to emanate. Ultimately, I love this song. Its pretty, its different, its Lana Del Rey.