Crazy in (50 Shades of) Love

Well we all know that song that made Beyoncé who she is today from some odd number of years ago. Crazy in Love. That was the song. Everyone I knew would bump and grove to this track. This song has become a timeless party track that many love and adore.

In the book 50 Shades of Grey, the original version of this song is mentioned in the movie and becomes associated with one of the most pivotal moments in the novel. For the film, however, Beyoncé recreated her song and made more of a slow and haunting version that seemed more fitting to the film.

While I love the original version, I must say that I think Beyoncé out did the original. While it is completely different in sound, it still brings a certain character to the song. It is almost like this is the grown up version of being Crazy in Love. One can interpret the original version as being a young person, crazy in lust with a man, yet having the time of her life and not taking anything to seriously. This version is dark and haunting. It provides a look into the deep and and darker feelings of being crazy in love which may not always be too good. It shows that love can be controlling and not as pleasant as the previous song perceives it to be. It gives context to being crazy in love on both ends of the spectrum.

All in all, I like this version much better than the original, but I think its just because I prefer music with this type of sound.

Thinking Out Loud

Who has not heard this song? Once again, I was at work and one of my lovely arts and crafts children played this song. I fell in love with it instantly. Then, I watched the music video. Not only was the song beautifully written but the choreography in the music video made it that much more amazing. I can honestly say that I have been listening to  this song every day and I feel that I am going to play the song until I make myself hate it but that is okay for now. I’m just going to keep on imagining that this song is about me and that I am dancing in that video.

I’m Bored

I am bored.

Since 2012, I have dedicated this blog specifically to writing about music and documenting my changes in musical interests. It is now 2015 and I am bored with the whole concept of this blog. I have had the blog for over 3 years now, I have had the blog since I was in high school ( I am now in university) and I feel as though it has not evolved or changed with my personality over the years. I feel like I need to change my direction for this blog, maybe I need to start writing about the new things that I like. While I do want to do that, I feel like this blog has a point and purpose and that is for me to write about the music that I like so that when I am 35, I can look back and say “I liked THAT song?” and be shocked and appalled or maybe even curious about what was going on with me at that time. Focused writing has always kept me inspired to write and that is truly what I like about this blog. So, instead of completely trashing the dream of having a music blog, I have added two new tabs to my menu bar: Books to share and Interesting Posts. Here I will be able to chronicle the books that I’ve read and enjoyed (and maybe give away a few ebooks) and I will now be able to share the posts that I find intriguing through my other tab.I did contemplate ending this blog but I think that I am going to wait until I finish university, just so that I can look back on my younger years and read more about what I was thinking and doing at that time.