10 Sad Songs For You To Relive Your Summertime Sadness

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10. Modest Mouse – “Little Motel”

Whether you interpret “Little Motel” as referring to a divorce, a disintegrating relationship, or even the loss of a loved one, there is nothing happy about this track. Isaac Brock’s subtle vocals over a minimalistic guitar set the tone, before the song explodes into a crescendo of guitar feedback and, well, sadness.

Saddest LyricWe trade tit for tat, like that for this/And I don’t think that there was an insult that was missed/I can see it in your eyes, like I taste your lips/and I’m very sorry

9. Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos – “Jen is Bringing the Drugs”

Superficially, this is a song about a girl who started out young and innocent, but has become all sorts of depressed and fucked up. But in these three minutes of melancholia, you could also see the song being about just not…

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Nirvana (Acoustic)

Once again, it relates to Sam Smith. I just heard this acoustic version of Nirvana and I am absolutely in love. It is just stunning like most of his music generally is. I just thought it was worth a listen.

Leave Your Lover

Okay, so here is another blog post about yet ANOTHER Sam Smith song. Why do I keep on doing this to you, one may ask? Well, a while back I went through a The Weeknd phase and then an Adele phase and I essentially think that this is what I like to do with my musical choices for a bit: I like to FIXATE. Anyways, back to the song review.

Leave Your Lover is a predominantly acoustic piece performed by Sam Smith. Now, due to careful googling, I have come to realize that this song is about a male lover that he was in love with that did not reciprocate thus leaving him for another man and breaking his heart. Heavy pill to swallow huh? I felt that way too. Anyways, this is truly a pretty song and it may or may not make you sad from a previous love, or you may or may not be able to relate but either way it is a good piece of music!