Lego House

“I’m gonna pick those pieces, and build a lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down”. Ed Sheeran’s song Lego House has so much imagery and hidden meaning that makes this song extraordinarily beautiful. I was watching American Idol tonight and I stumbled upon a contestant who covered this song. Although, their cover was good, I still don’t think that it has the power to compare to the original. This is a beautifully crafted song about the power of love and the different ways in which love can be pulled but still feel whole.

If you have a chance to listen to Ed’s acoustic version, I highly recommend it. The simplicity of his guitar and voice impact you in a different way.

Thunder Clatter

I kinda love this song. It is one of the best indiepop songs I have listened to in a while. To be completely honest, if it wasn’t free on itunes, I probably would have not stumbled upon this amazing piece of music. Thunder Clatter is a catchy pop tune by a group called Wild Club. Its a song about love and and it relates the power of love to the powerful bolts of thunder and lightning. My favourite line from this song has to be “I hear it all from the centre of my heart, you’re the love of my life”. Its actually such a beautiful song that will make you feel happy because its bubbly and what not. And even though I don’t think this post made any sense really, I hope that you got the fact that this is a great song that you should consider listening to 🙂