All I Ask

To be completely honest with you, I was not that impressed with 25 by Adele. Yes, there were probably 4-5 quality songs on the album but overall it was not a great album. The lyrics were lacking but her amazing vocals won us over again.

While I was not impressed with the album as a whole, the song All I Ask did win me over. This is really a personal song and its beautiful in its delivery. While there is no studio version of this song available on YouTube, I did stumble upon her live performance of this song on Ellen. Give it a listen because its just as great live as it is on the album.




When We Were Young

Adele has won me over again. Now, popular to contrary belief, I did not fall in love with Hello. I found it quite annoying and the lyrics to be sub-par, but her vocals were on point. When We Were Young brings us back to the sound of Adele that we have come to love from her previous albums 19 and 21. While I haven’t rushed to the store to purchase 25 like I did with the other two (mainly because I personally wasn’t impressed with Hello. I mean, after Rolling in the Deep; that’s a tough act to follow), I will probably crave more of her vocal beauty and cave in eventually. So far, this is my favourite song that I have heard of the album (seeming as I’ve only heard two) and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect combination of stellar vocals and jazz sounds. In my opinion, it is far better than Hello.

P.S. This live version sounds better than the original a tad bit.


Leave Your Lover

Okay, so here is another blog post about yet ANOTHER Sam Smith song. Why do I keep on doing this to you, one may ask? Well, a while back I went through a The Weeknd phase and then an Adele phase and I essentially think that this is what I like to do with my musical choices for a bit: I like to FIXATE. Anyways, back to the song review.

Leave Your Lover is a predominantly acoustic piece performed by Sam Smith. Now, due to careful googling, I have come to realize that this song is about a male lover that he was in love with that did not reciprocate thus leaving him for another man and breaking his heart. Heavy pill to swallow huh? I felt that way too. Anyways, this is truly a pretty song and it may or may not make you sad from a previous love, or you may or may not be able to relate but either way it is a good piece of music!

He Won’t Go

He Won’t Go is a song from Adele’s 21 album. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs on the album. This is also one of my favourite Adele songs. This song is basically following the trend of Adele’s unfortunate love conundrums. She should leave the guy but she can’t because shes too far deep. The only difference with this song in comparison to her others is that its not really sad and depressing. In fact its kind of upbeat and uplifting. In fact, I workout to this song at the gym.


Melt My Heart To Stone

Adele. What a lyrical and vocal beauty. This song, off of her first album, 19, is a very metaphorical song in which Adele describes how her love makes her feel. I love this song as it can just express how any girl in love (or having a deep crush) would feel. I hope you will enjoy this great song as much as I do.

At Skyfall 007

Adele. Flawless. As usual. What else is there to really say?

I must admit, I did not like the song on intitally hearing it, but then the beauty of Adele’s voice sunk in and captivated my ear drums with the perfection that her voice has. Each word was coated and colored with the emotion and expression that we can only get from Adele. So here it is. Skyfall, named after the new 007 Bond film, and if the film is anything like the song…well lets just say its gonna be good.