Here She Comes Now

I never really understood the meaning of this song, all I knew was that I really liked it.  Here are both the original Velvet Underground version and the Nirvana cover version. Vote on which one you prefer!

The Velvet Underground





“I don’t want the world to see me, Cause I don’t think that they’d understand”.¬†

We hide what we don’t want the world to see and try to only show what we want people to see. Even though we try to hide the less nice parts of ourselves, there is always that one person that can see through it all and they become the person that you show yourself to. They understand you, and they become the piece that holds you together. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls describes the feeling of having that one special person around you that you can share your world of emotions with. The lyrics of this song are just absolutely stunning. The instrumental portion of the song was well done and made the song an even more beautiful piece of music.



Once again, another James Vincent McMorrow song for you all. This song is so beautiful and is also quite different from the other songs that he has performed. Cavalier still holds on to the traditional folk feel of his music but it also adds a R&B beat to the song as well. The two genres compliment each other as the blend was done extremely well. McMorrow’s use of falsetto in this song adds to the perfecting of the folk/R&B blend of the song. His falsetto is virtually flawless and his voice maintains is calm feeling throughout the song.

The lyrics allude to a person that has lost themselves and lost their first love in the process. The music video also refers to the lyrics of the song being true. Although this appears to be a sad song, one may forget due to the beauty of the song. I absolutely love this song. Hope that you will enjoy it too.