53 Pop Musicians That Are Undeniably Way F**king Better Than Beyoncé

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1. Alicia Keys

2. Joanna Newsom

3. Amy Winehouse

4. Kanye West

5. Nirvana

6. Tina Turner

7. Jay-Z

8. Madonna

9. Elliott Smith

10. Robyn

11. Adele

12. Radiohead

13. Eminem

14. Jimi Hendrix

15. Joss Stone

16. Whitney Houston

17. James Brown

18. Michael Jackson

19. Marvin Gaye

20. Timbaland

21. Morrissey

22. RZA

23. The Cure

24. Grimes

25. Rick James

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26. The XX

27. Weezer

28. Janis Joplin



30. Macklemore

31. Nick Drake


32. Lauryn Hill

33. The Smashing Pumpkins

34. LCD Soundsystem

35. Lou Reed

36. Diana Ross


37. Aaliyah

38. Dolly Parton

39. GZA

40. Crystal Castles

41. Leonard Cohen

42. Janet Jackson

43. Debbie Harry

44. Freddie Mercury

45. Stevie Nicks

46. Louis Armstrong


47. Sheryl Crow

48. Nina Simone

49. Tom Waits

50. Cyndi Lauper

51. Paul Simon

52. Dr. Dre

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The 7 Most Unexpectedly Romantic Pop Lyrics

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It is easy to write off modern pop music. We can look at the glossy, almost coldly mathematical production it is given and the impossibly catchy hooks and think of it more as music for robots than people with real emotions. Pop music is there to make us absent-mindedly nod our heads, we think, not speak to the part of us that we are afraid to look at in the mirror. And though there are some pop artists to whom we lend a bit more artistic credibility, there are many we are ready to dismiss as the empty calories of the musical landscape. But whether it is a particularly poignant line or an entire lyrical theme that gets us, when a manufactured pop song overcomes its sugary coating, it becomes the kind of song we listen to instead of just hearing.

1. “The Only Exception,” Paramore

And I’ve always lived…

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JoJo’s Comeback And Why You Should Care

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JoJo is back. Yes, I’m talking about that girl who once sang, “Leave (Get Out)” and no, I’m not kidding. After an almost five year hiatus, she just released a new single in preparation for her new album Jumping Trains. You should be listening, and I’ll tell you why: She’s genuinely talented, she’s fought tooth and nail for this record to finally be released, and she’s out of her mind. Seriously, what more do you need out of an artist?

To really understand the JoJo, you’ve got to know her history. Allow me to give you an accelerated summary of her career. A reading from the book of JoJo, if you will.

She first appeared as a contestant on America’s Most Talented Kids. Though barely a pre-teen, she stunned the audience with her throaty, soulful vocals that were reminiscent of a young Christina Aguilera (pre-Bionic/divorce/public intoxication/astounding weight gain/

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8 Songs To Listen To While Working Out At The Gym

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I’m not even going to pretend that I’ve set foot in a gym but if I did, these are the songs that would be my thinspiration. I wonder if I’ll burn calories just by making this list?

1.”All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem makes the best music to walk to. It makes sense that Nike tapped him to make an album meant for running—his music is epic. Whenever I’m listening to “All My Friends” on my iPod, I feel like I’m going somewhere important. I walk with conviction even if it’s just to the deli to get water and a piece of chocolate. Oh god, that is a buzzkill actually. Putting on an epic walking song just to pick up Sour Patch Kids is the equivalent of a stale fart whimpering at your face.

2. “Where Do I Begin” by The Chemical Brothers

Okay, you’re still on the…

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5 Songs That Make Crappy Weather Feel OK

Thought Catalog

When the weather turns sour, those of us with varying degrees of seasonal affective disorder struggle. We sink into a depression that seems so absurd that just thinking about it makes us even more depressed. These songs might help us embrace that feeling and make this gloomy time of year feel…well, OK.

1. Sigur Rós, “Fjögur píanó”

There is something about the tragedy and excitement in this song and accompanying video that makes you think, “Wow, suddenly my life isn’t so sad. At least I didn’t wake up with slices on my back in a room full of dead butterflies this morning.” And damn, Shia Labeouf looks GOOD with a man pony and facial hair.

2. The Radio Dept., “Never Follow Suit”

Self-described as dream pop, The Radio Dept. hails from Sweden. The upbeat drum track coupled with the floating melodies and heart-wrenching vocals leave you feeling suddenly hopeful despite the torrential…

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11 Pop Songs That Will Make You Cry

Thought Catalog

1. “The Only Exception” by Paramore

People don’t acknowledge it now but Paramore is a pretty awesome band. In ten years, I bet they’re going to be like Blink-182 and become cool. Not only do they make infectious pop-punk songs that leave you feeling like a teen anarchist, they also know when to tone it down and tug at your jaded heartstrings. “The Only Exception” is a beautiful albeit tragic song that sneaks up on you. The first ten seconds, you might be like “LOL, no thanks, hon!” but then a minute later, you’ll be sobbing in the fetal position and texting your ex from high school. It’s powerful and raw, unlike a lot of other glossy pop ballads, and it really hits a nerve amongst listeners.

2. “Simple Kind Of Life” by No Doubt

Gwen Stefani goes straight for the heart on this song about an ill-fated love (okay…

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“When You feel my heat, look into my eyes, its where my demons hide, its where my demons hide” – ‘Demons’ Imagine Dragons

Everyone has their little secrets that have changed their lives critically. These are our demons. Our demons can been seen as the chances we failed to take, the love we failed to share, the success we lack in life, our mental states of mind, our social groups or status, the wrongs we have committed, and so on. Although it may not always be visible, our demons are present in our minds and control the way that we see the world. Only some people will ever know about those demons or even be able to tell that you have any. This song by Imagine Dragons is about how our demons affect the way that we are with other people and the way in which we see the world or our lives. Demons is a beautifully crafted song as the changes in tempo of the music are perfectly coordinated to the lyrics of the song. I absolutely love this song as I can relate to it completely. Sometimes we enter into dark periods in life, it take a special person to peer into your eyes and sense the demons inside.