To be honest, I forgot about updating this blog until…my camper introduced me to one of Katy Perry’s new songs and I fell in love with in and I needed to tell someone so I decided to tell my lovely blog followers. Birthday  is an upbeat, kind of vintage impressionist song by Katy Perry. I absolutely love this song and I have been jamming to it all morning. Its an energetic song and Perry’s vocals are just so on point as usual. So enjoy this song and add it to your summer playlist because it defiently deserves to be there.



I like Ellie Goulding. I think she has a cute voice. Do I think that she’s a powerhouse? No. Do I think her music is good to listen to? yes. The first time I even heard of Goulding was when I heard her cover of The Weeknd’s High for This, which I actually quite enjoyed. Then I found out that she was dating Skrillex for a bit there and I fell in love with her because….well I kind of Love Skrillex.

Burn is actually a really cute and inspiring song as it talks about self expression and why one should be who we are. Sometimes we are more successful at being ourselves and letting our fire burn than we are at being something else. We all have a fire, we just have to find it within. I love this song because it talks about individually and collectively finding our “Spark”. It’s kind of like Katy Perry’s Firework…the message I mean. Also, its just a great song to dance to. I just love it. Its a replay ting.

P.S. This was my choice song for this year’s Word on the Street festival in Toronto. Every year at this annual festival, I quote one song that has relevance to the way my day went. This was my song this year; it was obviously a good day. I got TTC Buttons.

Teenage Dream♥

Darren Criss. I love you. End of story. When you sang this song, My heart just broke. Tears came to my eyes. Your voice is so beautiful it reminds me of when dew drops touch the leaves on a tree and slowly roll down and hit the ground. Thats how beautiful this was. I have been listening to this on constant replay since last night. If I could give this rendition of the song a grammy award, you would have earned it! Katy Perry couldn’t even do to this song what you have done, so I give you props. Honestly the most beautiful piece of music I have heard in a while. Good Job!

P.S. I hope Blaine and Kurt stay together. This song just shows the love they have for each other. It will not end!