Wild for the Night

Skrillex has been the motivating force on my workout playlist since 2011. I love the fast paced beats, the lack of words, and the fact that it sounds like two transformers attacking each other. Lately, I have been including some hip-hop/rap/trap music into my workout playlists in addition to my EDM selections. I discovered Wild for the Night just a couple of weeks ago and it has become one of my go to songs for the gym.

Wild for the Night takes the vocals of A$AP Rocky and combines them with the beats of Skrillex. Its like a Dub-Trap fusion song. It really is good and catchy and great for any workout.

Wake Me Up

How I love this song, but I can tell you this to start, my review of this song is going to be a little bit different from my others. You see, I view this song as two songs in one: One song is the electronic mix by the title artist Avicii, and the other song is the embedded folk song and lyrics by Aloe Blancc. I love the lyrics; the background mix, not so much. This song would have been an amazing stand alone folk song since Blancc’s voice is just spectacular. Although Avicii’s background mix is great for a workout, I don’t think that it really complimented this song. Many people may want to debate me on this and that’s fine. I do like this song a lot, I just see it as two separate songs put together that would have probably been better…apart.

“Life’s a game made for everyone, and Love is a prize♥” 


One of my favourite genres of music is dubstep. There are barely any words, just the sounds of transformers discussing future attack plans for world domination. That’s what it sounds like. Once in a while you’ll find a good dubstep song with actual singing in it and you might just fall in love with it. That’s what happened with me. Here is a collaboration between Nero and Skrillex. Enjoy!



This is actually my favourite song…or one of. This song, is the song that inspires me to do things faster, and better. When I’m at the gym or on a run and I put this song on, I feel like a beast. Every time I listen to this song I feel beastly. Plus, I am in love with dubstep. That is mainly what I listen to these days. When that drop arrives, oh! I cannot even explain how impeccable a good bass drop is. Skrillex achieves that in this song. SCATTA BY SKRILLEX everyone is an extremely wonderful song.