I Feel It Coming

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! I don’t really listen to the radio, so I just recently heard this song of course. As soon as I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago, I knew that it was going to be a song that was stuck in my head for weeks. I listen to this song at least once a day everyday and it is my go to pick me up song. It cheers me right up! If you haven’t heard I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd & Daft Punk yet, I suggest you listen to it as soon as possible. You will definitely feel like getting up and dancing!



Now, I know that me blogging about this song might seem a bit strange since this song was released so long ago, but I just heard this song for the first time about 4 weeks ago. A camper played this song and did a re-enactment of the creative movement in the music video and from that I began to listen to/ enjoy this song.

Chandelier is a song by Sia. While this song is such a creative piece, lyrically and vocally, to begin with, it is also has such a strange yet intriguing music video to go along with it. The music video does really make you think and deeply interpret the movement in terms of how it goes along with the lyrics of the song. I really did enjoy this song but loved the music video a lot more. This has definitely brought back my love for Sia and her music.

Wild for the Night

Skrillex has been the motivating force on my workout playlist since 2011. I love the fast paced beats, the lack of words, and the fact that it sounds like two transformers attacking each other. Lately, I have been including some hip-hop/rap/trap music into my workout playlists in addition to my EDM selections. I discovered Wild for the Night just a couple of weeks ago and it has become one of my go to songs for the gym.

Wild for the Night takes the vocals of A$AP Rocky and combines them with the beats of Skrillex. Its like a Dub-Trap fusion song. It really is good and catchy and great for any workout.


Lately I have been on a Sam Smith craze, so when one of my friends told me about Latch, a song that he featured on, I had to take it for a listen and I absolutely love it. Latch is a song by a British band called Disclosure and it was a part of Sam Smith’s rise to fame. At first, I thought that Disclosure was just the background band as the lead vocalist and Smith have similar sounding voices, but after a while I began to differentiate between the two. I find this song unique in the sense that the band was able to incorporate a soft rock and electronic element to the song and still have it flow well enough to not make the song come off as terrible. When crossing over two or more elements of music in a song, one has to be conscious of its Hit or Miss ability. Although I don’t think that this song was enough of a “hit” in my mind to make me a newly dubbed fan of Disclosure, I will definitely have this song on repeat…for a while.


To be honest, I forgot about updating this blog until…my camper introduced me to one of Katy Perry’s new songs and I fell in love with in and I needed to tell someone so I decided to tell my lovely blog followers. Birthday  is an upbeat, kind of vintage impressionist song by Katy Perry. I absolutely love this song and I have been jamming to it all morning. Its an energetic song and Perry’s vocals are just so on point as usual. So enjoy this song and add it to your summer playlist because it defiently deserves to be there.


Thunder Clatter

I kinda love this song. It is one of the best indiepop songs I have listened to in a while. To be completely honest, if it wasn’t free on itunes, I probably would have not stumbled upon this amazing piece of music. Thunder Clatter is a catchy pop tune by a group called Wild Club. Its a song about love and and it relates the power of love to the powerful bolts of thunder and lightning. My favourite line from this song has to be “I hear it all from the centre of my heart, you’re the love of my life”. Its actually such a beautiful song that will make you feel happy because its bubbly and what not. And even though I don’t think this post made any sense really, I hope that you got the fact that this is a great song that you should consider listening to 🙂