Once again, another James Vincent McMorrow song for you all. This song is so beautiful and is also quite different from the other songs that he has performed. Cavalier still holds on to the traditional folk feel of his music but it also adds a R&B beat to the song as well. The two genres compliment each other as the blend was done extremely well. McMorrow’s use of falsetto in this song adds to the perfecting of the folk/R&B blend of the song. His falsetto is virtually flawless and his voice maintains is calm feeling throughout the song.

The lyrics allude to a person that has lost themselves and lost their first love in the process. The music video also refers to the lyrics of the song being true. Although this appears to be a sad song, one may forget due to the beauty of the song. I absolutely love this song. Hope that you will enjoy it too.

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

Well, here I am again with another James Vincent McMorrow song. If you haven’t guessed already, then I shall make the obvious visible to you. He is defiently one of my favourite artists  so when he decided to grace the music industry with a second album look out for additional song reviews of his music. Now on to the actual song itself (which you have probably already heard on Teen Wolf)


As the glorious talent that is James Vincent McMorrow, this song touches your heart as it sounds like a simple, yet flawless lullaby. It kind of reminds me of Brahms Lullaby a bit, doesn’t it? Ok moving on… The lyrics of this song paint a beautiful scenery (like most of his music usually does). The guitars in the background truly add to the beauty of the song and set the scenery of the whole thing. This song is about him wishing that someone is not late from saving him from his death, but the feel of the song takes away from the darkness that it actually presents…and that’s why its just so good. So, enjoy this song, and try to feel at some sort of peace when you do. Listen to it before bed, it really will put you to sleep. Like a said before, it reminds me of Brahms Lullaby.


Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree

This is actually one of my favourite songs, but in actuality, what James Vincent McMorrow song is not? This is one of the most peaceful and beautiful songs I have ever listened to in my life. I just fell in love from the moment I heard it. I would go into an analysis of the lyrics, but I would just end up going on forever and nobody wants to read all of that. I just hope that this song brings to you as much peace and it has brought to me.


We Don’t Eat

I am in love with this song. We Don’t Eat by James Vincent McMorrow is a stunning and beautiful piece of music. The first time I heard this song, I was moved to the point of tears. The lyrics and McMorrow’s voice just have a way of touching you. All in all, I recommend this song to all of you and I hope you love it as much as I do.


Higher Love♥

I am in love with this song. I mean, I think I’m just in love with James Vincent McMorrow, this Irish Folk singer/kind of imitation of Bon Iver. But All in all, I feel that he always finds a way to hold his own, which in my ears of ears, differs him from Iver. This cover of Higher Love is stunning. Its partly because McMorrow’s voice is just stunning but it also has to do with the lyrics. So, I hope you all enjoy this cover and find it as beautiful as I do.