And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

Well, here I am again with another James Vincent McMorrow song. If you haven’t guessed already, then I shall make the obvious visible to you. He is defiently one of my favourite artists  so when he decided to grace the music industry with a second album look out for additional song reviews of his music. Now on to the actual song itself (which you have probably already heard on Teen Wolf)


As the glorious talent that is James Vincent McMorrow, this song touches your heart as it sounds like a simple, yet flawless lullaby. It kind of reminds me of Brahms Lullaby a bit, doesn’t it? Ok moving on… The lyrics of this song paint a beautiful scenery (like most of his music usually does). The guitars in the background truly add to the beauty of the song and set the scenery of the whole thing. This song is about him wishing that someone is not late from saving him from his death, but the feel of the song takes away from the darkness that it actually presents…and that’s why its just so good. So, enjoy this song, and try to feel at some sort of peace when you do. Listen to it before bed, it really will put you to sleep. Like a said before, it reminds me of Brahms Lullaby.


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