Lets listen to a little Maroon 5 copy, shall we? Troublemaker is a catchy song sung by the newly introduced (to the mainstream music scene) Olly Murs. Although his voice is good, and this song makes you want to dance, you just keep on wondering whether or no Maroon 5 is sitting somewhere close by telling off this boy because he took elements from there “This Love” song and other songs that they have done. Hmmm, the┬ácuriosity┬áthrills me. In addition to this similar piece of music that I do find myself enjoying despite the circumstances, the addition of Flo Rida did actually make the song more…different and its own (if that is even possible). So basically, this song is about a girl…it kind of has the same premise as the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber so I really don’t need to go into depth about this. What I am really trying to say in so many words is that, although this is a good song, its just not original and unique. I like it, but this love may last for only a week. Why blog about it then you ask? Because Its been 10 days and I’m drawing a blank when it comes to blogging about songs that I have listened to (and not already written about) over this blogs lifespan. So enjoy this song.