3 Things (08/06/2018)

  1. On Saturday, after 5 months of radio silence, my former best friend sent me a snapchat of all of my former friends hanging out. I wouldn’t open this until the Tuesday, the day of Kate Spade’s suicide attempt. I opened the snapchat with the hope that there would be a warm message inside. I hoped that maybe he would care and it would be a “Hi, how are you?” kind of message. I hoped that after all this time there would be some semblance of love and care still there. Instead, already in a state of depression, I felt as if my former life was being rubbed into my face. I felt as if the gesture (which I think it was) was quite insensitive. I became mad and I did what I normally do – I lashed out and he deleted me as a friend. Our last connection was gone. While I should feel sad, I don’t. I feel a sense of loss, but this time it isn’t sadness. If a person can see you at your lowest point and not ask you how you are doing or even reach out after 5 months, are they really worth a spot in your life. Let it go – and I have. I may be a lot to deal with, and I may not have had the best mental health for a while after my break up, but I really did love my best friend. Goodbye dude. Thank you for everything. (I will write a goodbye letter soon)
  2. I had an amazing job interview today. I really hope that I get the position. I have been trying very hard to work on myself and my happiness lately. I hope that it shows.
  3. I really need to lose the weight this time. I do not like the weight in my face. It doesn’t make me feel beautiful to have this excess weight. I want to feel pretty.

Welcome To The Black Parade

“If we never play a show again, Keep yourself alive.” -Gerard Way (Lead Singer – My Chemical Romance).

Now, I feel as though this blog will come under excessive scrutiny if I do not even blog one post about a My Chemical Romance song. They had a good run; a long 12 year run. But like all things in life, it had to come to end. Why do all good things come to an end? That’s a question (or song) for another time. So, In commemoration of the disbandment of one of my favourite bands, I shall write about one of the songs that not only foreshadows this event, but made me cry from its lyrical beauty.


This song is about fighting against the opinions of others and becoming your own person. Its about rising above all the shit that’s probably in your life and becoming strong, loud, and powerful like a Parade (get the analogy?). This song is also a good song to listen to when honouring the history and success of the band as this was one of their most successful songs and it is just the right song to say…Goodbye? Maybe, we don’t know yet, but for the time being, enjoy the song, cry, and maybe even dance around…because at the end of the day…we’ll carry on, and so will their music and legacy.