Hello Sunshine

Don’t we all at some point in our lives sit there and think about when the little ray of sunlight is going to shine through our darkest times? Sometimes, it shines through brightly, like an explosion of light; sometimes it takes it time and breaks slowly through the darkness; sometimes it never comes. In the end, something our someone comes into our lives to change it whether for better or for worse. Super Furry Animals (yes, thats the name of the band) wrote a stunning song about waiting for the sunshine to come into ones life. Of course, this sunshine is relative to the “love of ones life”. This song alludes to the fact that the love of ones life may be the reason that change takes place, the reason that ones life changes. We all need to find that light. “Hello Sunshine, Come into my life”. Sometimes we just gotta ask…this song asks for us.

P.S. This song was in an episode of The OC and in a film that I love called Snow Cake. Fun facts 🙂