Latch (Acoustic)

If I ever post about a song, and then later listen to the acoustic version, I always have to add it to my blog. Since I have a Sam Smith obsession, and I already wrote about my love for Disclosure’s version of Latch, I now have to include the acoustic version, which can also be found on the deluxe version of his album In the Lonely Hour.

Leave Your Lover

Okay, so here is another blog post about yet ANOTHER Sam Smith song. Why do I keep on doing this to you, one may ask? Well, a while back I went through a The Weeknd phase and then an Adele phase and I essentially think that this is what I like to do with my musical choices for a bit: I like to FIXATE. Anyways, back to the song review.

Leave Your Lover is a predominantly acoustic piece performed by Sam Smith. Now, due to careful googling, I have come to realize that this song is about a male lover that he was in love with that did not reciprocate thus leaving him for another man and breaking his heart. Heavy pill to swallow huh? I felt that way too. Anyways, this is truly a pretty song and it may or may not make you sad from a previous love, or you may or may not be able to relate but either way it is a good piece of music!


I am currently obsessed with Sam Smith. Every so often I go through a phase where I become really obsessed with an artist and everything that I listen to is from that artist and I replay their music until I am absolutely tired of it. This is what is currently taking place with Sam Smith’s music. Nirvana  is a song by Sam Smith that was made for his first EP (Way before the hit Stay with Me). It is the perfect blend of R&B with Jazz elements and Smith`s voice is the icing on the cake. His vocals and falsetto are done in an imperfectly perfect way and compliment the song well. All in all, I really do enjoy this song and I do think that it is quite well done. Look forward to more blog pieces on the wonderful Sam Smith and his music!


Lately I have been on a Sam Smith craze, so when one of my friends told me about Latch, a song that he featured on, I had to take it for a listen and I absolutely love it. Latch is a song by a British band called Disclosure and it was a part of Sam Smith’s rise to fame. At first, I thought that Disclosure was just the background band as the lead vocalist and Smith have similar sounding voices, but after a while I began to differentiate between the two. I find this song unique in the sense that the band was able to incorporate a soft rock and electronic element to the song and still have it flow well enough to not make the song come off as terrible. When crossing over two or more elements of music in a song, one has to be conscious of its Hit or Miss ability. Although I don’t think that this song was enough of a “hit” in my mind to make me a newly dubbed fan of Disclosure, I will definitely have this song on repeat…for a while.

Money on My Mind

Lately, Sam Smith has become my new musical fascination. Sorry James Vincent McMorrow. After recently hearing Stay With Me (a song that I will probably write a long post about sooner or later because it evokes feelings from within), I just had to listen to more of his music and I was certainly not disappointed. Money on My Mind is a song discusses the difference between seeking love for happiness and love for security (mostly financial). It appears that Smith fell in love with someone of wealth and had to defend his motives at some point. This song combines the soothing sounds of Smith’s voice and a jazz background to create a catchy song. The only thing is I kind of did find his repetitive “Money on My Mind, Money on my mind…” line to be rather annoying as it detracts from the song. Otherwise I quite enjoyed listening to this piece of music and I can gaurentee that if you have already heard it, that you probably love it as well.