Feds Watching

Feds Watching is a song by rapper 2Chainz featuring, and obviously written by Pharell. This song is interesting as it moves away from 2Chainz regular style of music and ventures more into not only Pharell’s style, but more of a reggae fusion. More than the hilariously misplaced lyrics, the beat is extremely catchy and something that I can find myself dancing too.

One thing I appreciated about this music video was its ability to lean more towards appreciating the beauty of the dark-skinned woman compared to objectifying her. The video features many beautiful and gorgeous black women who are dressed in a more model-esque fashion. They are not appealing to a mans gratification, like in other rap videos, but they are simply just enjoying themselves in the sun at a pool house in each others company…and 2 Chainz company of course. It was refreshing to see a different depiction for once.

Notable Mention: My favourite line in this entire song has to be, “I just got some pants made out of Snake Skin”, when in actuality (and the music video) he does not wear¬†snake skin pants. Must say I was truly disappointed about this.


Get Lucky

I have always loved Daft Punk. They have done many wonderful things, e.g. Tron Legacy Soundtrack, Robot Rock (aka Stronger by: Kanye West), Technologic (aka Touch It by: Busta Rhymes) and One More Time (Celebrate). They do EDM (Electronic Dance Music) at its finest. Their musical tracks are so great, that they have been sampled in numerous songs by many artists such as the ones cited above. Now, Pharell. I have always loved his strange musical sense because it has always seemed to work for him. His numerous collaborations with artists such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Gwen Stefani have changed the way that we view certain artists musically. These two great musical forces coming together to work on “Get Lucky” was just amazing, and quite lucky for us! This song uses a psychedelic EDM feel while Pharell”s “chill” and “smooth” tone of voice help to make the song seem like a carefree hit. This sounds like a song that you would have heard playing back in the 1980’s – 1990’s. It has a vintage sound and feel which makes it even better. I absolutely love this song, and I do feel that it could be my song of the summer (if nothing better comes out soon). Listen, ¬†Dance, Be happy, stay up all night to this song, stay up all night to get lucky ;).