Story of My Life

I have’t listened to a One Direction song  in…how long? A long time, because teen pop just really isn’t my thing these days. But for some reason, I really liked this song. It’s different from the typical teen pop music that we’re used to hearing; it seems to have a symbolism and a meaning. It seems like a real declaration of love, and its such a genuine song too. I just think its so sweet and cute. Its also the perfect valentines day song. So, Happy Valentines Day to all ♥ and I hope that you all find someone to make the story of your life so much better!!!


Live While We’re Young

One Direction. The boy band that holds the hearts of many teenage girls all over the world. Girls scream, cry, faint at the sight of these 5 boys and fall in love at the first hear of their beautiful voices. Well, that’s not me, but this song really is catchy. From the first time I heard it, I was up and prancing around. Fun times! If you’ve heard it, you’ll know what I mean. Enjoy 🙂