Latch (Acoustic)

If I ever post about a song, and then later listen to the acoustic version, I always have to add it to my blog. Since I have a Sam Smith obsession, and I already wrote about my love for Disclosure’s version of Latch, I now have to include the acoustic version, which can also be found on the deluxe version of his album In the Lonely Hour.


Lately I have been on a Sam Smith craze, so when one of my friends told me about Latch, a song that he featured on, I had to take it for a listen and I absolutely love it. Latch is a song by a British band called Disclosure and it was a part of Sam Smith’s rise to fame. At first, I thought that Disclosure was just the background band as the lead vocalist and Smith have similar sounding voices, but after a while I began to differentiate between the two. I find this song unique in the sense that the band was able to incorporate a soft rock and electronic element to the song and still have it flow well enough to not make the song come off as terrible. When crossing over two or more elements of music in a song, one has to be conscious of its Hit or Miss ability. Although I don’t think that this song was enough of a “hit” in my mind to make me a newly dubbed fan of Disclosure, I will definitely have this song on repeat…for a while.