To start off, I am surprised that it has taken me this long to blog about a Kings of Leon song. They are my favourite band of all time and their music is just so beautiful that at times, it has brought tears to my eyes. This song is one that I can especially relate to. I think that this song is actually the most painful and depressing song to ever have to listen to, although it has been able to retain a certain beauty to it that shows its artistic value. Closer is a song about heart ache and the inevitability of loss. We all loose love, but its how we react to and interpret the loss that makes it even more significant to each of us. This song also alludes to the loneliness that is felt after they lose the one that they love. They are alone without the one that they love. They’re heart and soul have been taken from them. They feel as though they are burning at the stake. You can sense an incoming death, whether it be metaphorically or physically, but it is there looming over the whole song. The background music accentuates the song’s words and meaning in itself and creates the beautiful darkness that Closer is. Although this song may bring tears to your eyes once you understand it like I did, it will become one of those songs that you just have to return to every time you feel heart ache and despair.