BLM & Anti-Racism Resources

Disclaimer: I got this resource list from the Almost 30 Podcast Group’s Google Doc, however, I thought that it was such good quality and important information that I wanted to share it here on my blog!

Doing the work – that is something that we all need to do at this time. Learning and unlearning is also something that is important. I have been looking for the right resources to provide the Rainbow Glazed Nights community with (all 170 of you) and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to share a comprehensive list of resources that I have found. They are listed below!

Anti-Racism Organizations: 


Bail Funds:

Verified GoFundMe’s:

Articles to Read:


Accounts to follow:

  • @thisisyolandarenteria: Therapist and psychoeducator 
  • @aclu_nationwide: A nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy 
  • @blklivesmatter: Official Black Lives Matter Instagram
  • @grassrootslaw @colorofchange @theconsciouskid @rachel.cargle @phenomenal @thegreatunlearn @lalahdelia @maryamhasnaa @alex_elle
  • @laylafsaad @rachel.cargle @tiffanyjana @ericaford_ilovemylife @mspackyetti @paolamendoza @sarahsophief @professor_crunk @aijenp @irincarmon @aminatou @chasinggarza @roxanegay74 @eandiola @kkellyyoga @shishi.rose @jamiaawilson @msladyjustice1 @naomiwadler @tabithastb @geenarocero @officialdham @wirelesshogan @tiphanimontgomery @jamiraburley @amandaashcr @reshmasaujani  @seemiaroll @sorayachemaly @jesslivmo @angelarye @rachelsklar @carritwigg @feministabulous @taranajaneen @monachalabi @israhirsi @ayanaeliza @crownpeace @janetmock @amandaseales @ijeomaoluo @lsarsour @paoramos @jodikantor @zoebuckman @chanel_porchia @nitikachopra @tamikadmallory @anjalikumar @meena @honeybook @wherechangestarted @tamikadmallory

Movies + TV Shows to Watch:

  • Dear White People , Netflix
  • If Beale Street Could Talk, Hulu
  • Selma, Available to rent now
  • I am Not your Negro, James Baldwin documentary, available to rent now
  • King in the Wilderness, HBO
  • American Son, Netflix
  • When They See Us, Ava Duvernay
  • 13th, Ava Duvernay
  • Freedom Riders, Amazon Prime

Lists of films about Black history, history of white supremacy in the US and more


Self-Education Resources:


Love Songs – From a Survey

Last month, I asked a group of women for their favourite love songs. Approximately 50-75 women responded with their favourite love songs or just playlists they had made for their lovers or when they were in love. I took their responses and made a Spotify playlist from them! I was listening to it today and realized that it is just too good to not share! So, here it is! I have attached the playlist below. I hope that you give it a listen and find a new romantic song that you love.

This is the playlist! “In Love but Not” because I am as single as they come. I hope you enjoy!

Just Don’t Be a Racist

The media has been making me very depressed lately.

As a black woman, I have found myself becoming very anxious about the fact that so many people do not like me simply because I am black.

I am not one to try to appeal to the masses, but to know that I have turned people off simply because of the colour of my skin, has been very difficult to bear. I think I always knew this, but having in thrown back into my face on the News, Social Media and through day to day interactions has made me even more concerned.

I have never truly felt unsafe before until now.

Overall, I do not think that Black Lives Matter is a political issue – it is simply a human rights issue. Just look at the Statistics and you will see how/why this is a human rights issue.

What makes me sad is that so many people think that it is a Liberal/Conservative problem. You can be a Trump Supporter and CHOOSE not to be a racist. You can be anyone on this planet earth and just not be racist. The problem here is racism – both at the institutional and individual level.

I keep on hearing this phrase -“well, any one can be racist”. While this is true, it is far more damaging when a White person is racist due to the fact that they have a monopoly on our institutions. Look at this calculation I just made up for a second:

Individual x Institutional = Systemic Racism

What do I mean by this. For every one individual you have that is racist, you have one person in an institution that is racist. Now, add a bunch of homogeneous people with similar ideologies to one institution and you have Systemic Racism.

Think of the Coronavirus, or COVID 19, or viruses in general:

Think of the virus as the Racist Individual and think of the infected as the People already in the Institution. For every person with the virus that gets added into the infected group, you are growing the size of the infected pool. And while knowing who has the virus (or in the case who is the racist) is helpful, there are some people outside of this group that are asymptomatic (subconsciously racist). In both scenarios, this is very damaging to the entire environment and creates a systemic issue.

Maybe my anaolgies are not correct and maybe they suck, but they help me to make snese of this situation.

I do not want any one to be offended – I want everyone to be aware.

If you are looking for more anti-racism resources, please see the following link:

Anti Racism Resources

– Advice from a 30something Blog

My Favourite Quarantine TV Shows

People who know me, know that I do no watch a lot of TV, however, during this quarantine, I have had the opportunity (and time) to indulge in a few new shows. I will list them below and give you my opinion

  1. Younger (Amazon Prime Video) – First of all, THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. I feel in love with the show from the first episode and I have been glued to my screen ever since. In seasons 1 and 2, it mainly focuses on the growth of the character Liza, a 40 year old woman acting like a 26 year old woman to get a job in publishing. What made me fall in love with the show was her romantic relationship with the character Josh. I think I have been single for too long and that is what made me love this coupling. As the show goes on, I completely continue to love the story lines and the characters even more as they evolve (I am only season 4 but I watch season 6 because I couldn’t wait). If you have watched this show and you love it, comment below and let me know if you are #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles
  2. Life in Pieces (Netflix) – This is just a feel good family comedy. Life in Pieces tells three short stories about Characters in the same family. I am currently watching the final season on Netflix and though I am not done as yet, it is always good to come back to when I’m bored.
  3. Sex Education (Netflix) – Okay, this was a re-watch for me. I have watched both seasons from start to finish 3 times. Its hilarious and light hearted but really addresses issues on sexuality so well. I recommend this to everyone.
  4. Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime Video) – I have only watched 2 episodes of this show so far but it is so good and well done. I dont have a full review on the story line as yet, but if you have Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon in the same scene, how could it be bad!
  5. Insecure (HBO) – THIS SHOW IS EPIC AND AMAZING. Season 4 is currently airing on HBO and it is amazing as usual. Issa Rae has creating one hell of a show. I call this show the ‘Black Sex and the City’. If you have a change, and HBO, I would recommend this show to you. It teaches you lessons on love and life and how to navigate those challenges.
  6. Grace and Frankie (Netflix) – My mom forced me to watch this show with her and thankfully I fell in love with it. I have watched all the seasons twice now and they are still just as funny. What I like about this show is that it is an accurate representation of aging. It shows how life can be for you in your 70’s and 80’s despite health restrictions. I really find it to be a wonderful and important thing to show case.
  7. Sisters (Netflix) – This show only has one season and thats all it will ever get but I have to say that it was really a good one. It is about a girl who learns that her dad artificially inseminated a bunch of women with his sperm while a fertility doctor AFTER HE DIES. She enters into a huge lawsuit and has to deal with the negatives of her fathers decision. This is actually my third time watching this show and I still like it.

I hope that you find something in this list worth watching! Happy Quarantine viewing!

Baby Can I Hold You

This song has been in my head for the past two days. I knew all of the words but I just could not remember the artist. I decided to make a post about it so that I can remember it in the future!

Baby Can I Hold You is a song by artist Tracy Chapman. While it is a major throwback, it is definitely one of those beautiful love songs. I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and truly analyze it and find the deeper meaning and context. Maybe one day I will and update this post.


One of my good friends tagged me in a tiktok video by Jenna Dewan and not only did I fall in love with her choreography but I also watched the video so many times that I started to like the song!


Her dancing is amazing!

After the 10th time of watching this video, I went to find this song. I knew that it was by Justin Bieber the minute I heard it because his voice is so distinct, but I was surprised that I hadn’t heard it before this! Anyways, it is a cool and mellow hip hop song and I actually find it quite enjoyable to listen to. Quavo from the Migos has a feature on the song which is actually a great added touch!





I have always enjoyed Sam Hunt’s music. It is mainly country, but there are often pop or hip hop elements woven into the music.

Hunt released his second full length album, Southside, in April 2020 and the first song on the album has completely made my heart soft and warm.

2016 is the first song on the Southside album and the most beautiful song on there as well. Not only is it lyrically beautiful, but it really showcases Hunt’s vocal capability. It may make you cry. It may make you sentimental. Either way, it is one of those songs that will make you feel something!


Color Factory NYC (Dec 2018)

I can’t believe that I never posted these photos before! These photos are from the Color Factory Exhibit in NYC! I went and took these in December 2018. I went to NYC for New Years and I decided to attend this fun event!

While old, I found this in my drafts and still thought it was worth a post. They aren’t great pics but they are still good memories!

Also, I haven’t posted anything for 2020 yet and I thought that it was about time to pop back in.


What is Limerence?

Limerence – “the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings but not primarily for a sexual relationship.”


Last night, I was talking to my friend and I truly sat there and asked myself why and how I could possibly still be ‘in love’ with my ex. It has been 2.5 years since we broke up. Hes fully moved on. I haven’t seen or talked to him in this long. Honestly, I am starting to annoy myself with this. I am starting to feel like this is dumb and unnecessary. Why do I love someone who doesn’t love me?

A few quotes from my friends started to put things into perspective for me:

“When you started dating him, the you we knew walked out the door and never came back. Where did she go?”

“I don’t think you love him. I think you have somethings you need to work on”

“He may be good to her, but he wasn’t good to you and thats all that should matter”


As I sat here and reflected on a few of the comments made, I realized that my brain was bringing up the past and I wasn’t consciously having nightmares or dreams about my ex. I wasn’t thinking about him all day voluntarily. Why was I having these thoughts that caused me a whole lot of emotional pain, sadness, anxiety, and depression. It must be a mental illness of some sort. To be honest, I have always been a person that was great at letting people go, especially ex’s, so why was he any different?

When I typed my symptoms and feelings into Google, the term Limerence came up and I started to read articles on them and realized quickly that this is what I had. Realizing that there was a name for it and a way to move through it was actually so relieving. I think that I will write more about this in the future, especially as I work through learning more about this condition. In the meantime, here are a few articles that I found that should help to explain what Limerence is in more detail.

My goal for 2020 is to fill myself and my life with so much joy that I can overcome this feeling (or condition, depending on how you see it).

If any of you are experiencing or have experienced this, comment below!