Hotline Bling

Wow, 2 months later, and finally a blog post. This is what happens when you decide that working and taking 7 university courses is a good idea. Anyways, 2 weeks ago, I went on a field placemeHOTLINE BLINGnt for a week for a credit (most fun way to earn a credit let me tell you). While partying (and obviously studying), my friends kept on playing this song and it eventually got in my head and I have been listening to it everyday since. This term ‘Hotline Bling” has even become a word in my vocabulary and I love everything about it. The video didn’t impress me as much, but really what was Drake going do in a music video with this song? I feel that his coreography is pretty good and the video is great in its artisic nature. For once, this song’s video has not been uploaded to youtube, therefore there will be no video at the bottom. However, if you click the link below, it will take you to the official video. Hopefully your hotline blings very soon…whether or not its your service provider telling your you used up your data or not.



Hold On We’re Going Home

I’m conflicted. I just don’t know whether or not I like this song. You see, its such a big change from the hyped up “Started From the Bottom” track and I feel like I’m expecting this song to somehow turn into the previous song I feel in love with (Yes, I know that it will not). Then again, I kind of like the fact that Drake attempted to “sing” in this song and it wasn’t completely bad, so maybe I’ll learn to like it. I don’t know.

The beat is great, but the lyrics make absolutely no sense to me, and I feel that they should after listening to this song over and over again, trying to decipher whether or not I like this song.

P.S. The video makes no sense either. Just start watching at around 3:00.

Love Me

“I’m on that good kush and alcohol.” How about a little rap review  everybody. Oooo, Have I done one of these yet? I’m not too sure…anyways. Love Me is a song by Lil Wayne (Weezy) with featuring artists Future and Drake (Drizzy). It is produced by Mike Will Made It (That guy that did Miley Cyrus’ album #bangerz). I think that this is one of the best hip hop songs that I have heard in a while. Future’s half sing/rap voice at the beginning of the song is so perfectly complimentary to the song that I fell in love with the song just from hearing the first 30 seconds. Drake is just amazing in almost every track he is featured in. Even though Drake says virtually nothing, his presence on this track just makes it even better. Lil Wayne’s main rap just hit it on the nail. His flow and lyrics were just amazing (or as amazing as rap lyrics can be these days).  Mike Will Made It did a great job with the beat. I love this song and I am constantly playing it over and over again. Even though I dont really listen to rap (as you guys might have guessed), I still like to indulge once in a while. Next to Bangerz, this is definitely one of my favourite musical things right now.

Started From The Bottom

Drake, I was wondering if you could tell me exactly where and what the bottom is to you? Because all the facts show that your bottom wasn’t that low at all. In fact, your bottom was so great, that this song is seemingly irrelevant in this case. Shoppers Drug Mart isn’t that bad, except for the fact that you were on Degrassi. And my mom and I fight all the time, that doesn’t mean that I am at the bottom, nor did I start from the bottom, so this part is also irrelevant. You grew up in Forest Hill, which is a much better neighbour hood than I grew up in. As a fellow Toronto Resident, I can vouch for this. Please Drake, define the bottom for me. Cause your bottom just seemed great!

Moving on, this is actually a very catchy song that has not left my head since I’ve heard it (despite my rant). I think his rapping is actually good in this song. I like Drake, I have both of his albums, and I have been pleasantly impressed. I am impressed with this song, I don’t hate it, but I do not think that the lyrics are relevant.

The whole Shoppers Drug Mart Scene with the 2 guys and the girl was hilarious though. I loved it!

The Zone

The Weeknd featuring Drake. Well, you know its going to be amazing, is there anything else that really needs to be said? I think not. Anyways, I love this song. The beat is amazing, the weeknd’s voice is stunning (as usual), and Drake is kind of the added touch that this song needed. If you’re not listening to the weeknd or if you are not in love with his almost flawless musical stylings then… I honestly don’t know what to say. The Zone, by the weeknd, feat. Drake. Hope you like it!