With You ♥

Have you ever had that one person who was just so perfect for you that it was hard to believe that any cosmic force was ever so great enough to put you two together? Have you ever had anyone who is basically the Ying to your Yang? Have to found that person who finishes all of your sentences but in that non annoying way? That person who always lights up the room when they walk in or they brighten your day just when you see them? Are they your Rihanna to your Chris Brown? Well, I don’t specifically know who this song is about but all I know is that it is a song that answers all of these questions above. Not only are the lyrics beautiful, but they have the tendency to touch your heart in a clipish kind of way; like an electric and cosmic feel engulfs you because you think of that one special person to you and feel all…warm inside. We all want to be with that one person who makes us feel beautiful, wonderful, stunning, gorgeous, intelligent  happy, so much more yet all at the same time. So, this song With You by Chris Brown is the best song to describe all of these things that I person might feel. So I just have one question left to ask: Have you found your forever yet?

With You – Chris Brown