Bottoms Up

This one of those songs that you learn to like due to conformity. Trey Songz is a gorgeous man with an acceptable vocal talent and a stunning set of abs, but that is defiently not the point of this review. This song is simply about picking up a girl from the club while she is rather intoxicated. There is truly once again no premise to this song at all aside from the fact that it is catchy. It is a good song for the club and Nicki Minaj’s feature does add a little something, something to the song. Now, I did not fall in love with the original version of this song; I fell in love with the April Smith and the Great Picture Show’s baroque version of this song. It has a cool vintage feel to it, which makes it a lovable version. So, for you listening and comparing pleasure, I have added both. I wonder which one you will like better ;).