‘Blurred Lines’ gets G-rated (sort of)

Love It!

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Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, song of the summer “Blurred Lines” has been taken back to the old school.

Actually, scratch that — it’s more like a return to elementary.

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Blurred Lines

I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH ROBIN THICKE OK? Ever since I heard “Lost Without You”, I have been totally in love with this man. His voice is beautiful, smooth, and just so sensual. I just love him. This song, Blurred Lines, produced by Pharrell, is a cool jazz, R&B track that has a vintage feel to it. You can imagine yourself dancing to this in a jazz club or in a sophisticated New York type of dance place. The addition of T.I. to the track was good, I liked it. I liked this song. #Thicke