God is a woman

I will be honest – I am not Ariana Grande’s biggest fan, however, this song has grown on me.¬†God is a woman¬†is a pop song from Grande’s new album, Sweetner. I like the bass drop and I think its a fun song to work out at the gym too. Obviously, its quite popular right now because it is her but its actually pretty good. I especially like the part where the choir joins her at the end. You have probably already heard this too but if you haven’t then go and give it a listen!


The Way

Although I do not hold a great affinity towards Ariana Grande or Mac Miller, I must say that this is a seemingly flawless musical combination. Grande has a stellar voice that can be compared to that of Mariah Carey. Lets be completely honest here; most people who indulge in pop music do like Mariah Carey. MacMiller’s rap did compliment the feel of the song. You can tell from both the video and the song that these two do have a good chemistry. To conclude, I truly did like this song. It is a catchy tune that I find myself listening to during my morning walks to the bus stop.