All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

“Why you wanna break my heart again…Why am I going to let you try?”

Once again, I present you you another beautifully crafted break up song from John Mayer. This song paints a descriptive picture of how a break up may look from an artistic point of view. Even though this song can be viewed as more of an art piece, there is also an underlying theme of heart wrenching heart break and heart ache, which kind of makes you feel a bit…depressed. This is one of those songs that you would have on replay after experiencing your first, or twentieth break up from someone that you really loved or that you were really close to. This song will remind you of all the good times and hard times that you had with this special someone. This song will make you remember why you said goodbye to that person in the first place. This song will help you remember why you kept on saying bye. Goodbye is such a hard word to say when its so final, when its so solidifying. This song paints a picture of the pain that final goodbyes bring. But they are necessary and at the end of the day, or years from that day, it will be just as beautifully crafted as this song.