Simple Things

I was watching an episode of my new guilty pleasure show Girls (HBO) and this song came on at the end of one of the episodes and I was like “OMG THIS IS TOTALLY MIGUEL”. I had a thought that it was Miguel (the R&B singer) but I had to verify with Siri to be sure and she let me know that it was this song off of his newest album Wildheart.

I have loved Miguel ever since hearing his beautiful and sexual song Adorn and this song is no different to me; I love it just as much. Simple Things is another sexy song that basically makes you want to touch and adore your lover because you just think that they are perfect in every way (well, you think they are perfect for the 4 minute duration of this song). I currently have this song on replay; its chill and so good for an afternoon coffee on the subway train heading southbound.


Adorn (Live)

Miguel. What else is there really to say. His voice is just so beautiful. I could listen to him sing all day everyday, thats how in love with his voice I am. How do I know that I wouldn’t mind listening to him all the time? Just from his live performance of my absolute favourite song “Adorn” on SNL. It was just perfection. Well, the guitars were kind of extra and took away from the awesomeness that is his vocals, but still, I fell in love with Miguel all over again. I hope that when you listen to his live performance and the actual song (a couple posts back I think) that you will fall in love too!!!

Let My Love Adorn You♥

Miguel. His voice is so angelic and sensual, sometimes I feel as though I could listen to him all day. His song Adorn, picked up a Grammy at the 2013 ceremony this weekend, and although I had this song on my iPod from before, I didn’t actually make a move to play it until the night of the Grammy ceremony. Let me just say that this song deserved the award it got. It is such a beautiful song. The beat is your classic R&B beat and it sounds like something you would expect to hear from Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Usher, BoysIIMen. Its a great song, that’s perfect for easy listening over a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.