Who’s To Please?

I don’t even try for you any longer

And I don’t know how to want something for myself.

Because I have disappointed you so badly,

There’s no way left  to please you..or myself.



Full moon in the sky

Only light on the pathway to

…home? Is that what they call this palace?

Shelter, security, love, happiness

All of theses things capsulated into a place that is supposed to bring one the utmost joy!

…Home? Do I know of such a place?

Where things make sense and life seems free and I can swing from my swing tied onto the cherry tree?

…home? What does this word mean to me?

Is it the place where I go at night?

To escape the world, the fear, and the fright?

Is it where I go to take a breath of fresh air,

When the world becomes dark and shallow and feared?

This place you tell me of!

This utopia of greatness!

Its almost as hard to accept as the power of the Lord is!

…Home? A place like no other.

Yet a still hide every night, and cry under the covers.


Will You Help Me?

Broken down

Fallen on the ground

Cannot get up

Will you help me?

Cemented into the pavement

Walked upon like a thick, cold, grey sidewalk

Can I be removed?

The sun beats against my face

Heat and warmth captivate my presence

Eyes closed and witnessing memories

Of me

Will you help me?

I ask my inner soul

If help is what I need

Then why can I not stand up

Or breathe?


Judgement Day

Floorboards Shake,

Dishes Break,

Thunder Quakes,

Judgement Day.

 rainbow glazed nights


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