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April Playlist – Girls Who Brunch

Need a little musical inspiration for your workouts? Here is a playlist from the website Girls Who Brunch. They have complied a list of all of the new and great workout music to get you motivated and pumped. Download a few!

Granny Girls

Don’t let the title fool you. This blog has nothing to do with being a senior. This blog is written by two Canadian women who love to share their passion for all things DIY. Click on the link and enjoy discovering!

Spin Class Playlist

Sometimes we just need some tracks to get us up and inspired. Lululemon has compiled a list of fun songs for you to spin (or stationary bike) to. Gotta always try to enjoy that workout.

Jared Leto.com – Art

If you are ever interested in looking at some unique and interesting art pieces from around the globe, Jared Leto’s website offers a diverse taste of international art. These art pieces all tell a story in the most intriguing way possible. I was extremely fascinated with this page intitially because I was exposed to some types of art that I simply never knew were feasible to create. These creates will open your mind up creatively as well as emotionally with some pieces. Hopefully you will enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Interesting Fact: This webpages cover photo is also a picture I found from Jared Leto’s Art tab on his website.

A photo example is below.


Work Out Playlists

We all need some jams to inspire us through our workouts. Here Lo Bosworth has listed some of her favourites.

50 Lemon Martinis

If you love sarcasm and 50 Shades of Grey this is most definitely the blog for you! While most of the posts are from 2013 and they end approximately half way through the book ( I guess the writer had just had enough) its still such a worthwhile blog to read if you’re down for a laugh or two. It is by far one of my favourite blogs.

Books to Read By the Fire

If you ever need an interesting read for a cold Winter’s day, hit up this list of goodreads by the one and only Lo Bosworth.

11 Movies That Have Ruined Your Expectations For Love

This Thought Catalog Post basically sums up the real life scenarios of what would actually take place in those romantic movies that we all love. Kind of fun and interesting to read.


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