Yesterday (Glee Cover)

Let me start with saying that I have had an extremely bad week…or 2 weeks. I failed a university exam, but it was in math so I can deal and try to improve, I found out that my hair is breaking, which bothers me because I didn’t have such amazing hair to start with, and then I find out that some of the things that I love and enjoy I can’t do or have anymore, which makes me well…depressed. So, I’ve just had a shitty week. Then, I listened to this Lea Michele’s version of Yesterday, which is originally by the Beatles, and I thought, it is so true. Every line of this song is so true and relevant to my life that I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh I believe in Yesterday. Suddenly, I’m not half the girl I used to be. There’s a shadow hanging over me, oh yesterday came suddenly”. I just began to think about how happy I was the day before I found out all of these things, and how great everything was going and then, all of a sudden, nothing was going right anymore. I could relate just to the way that she sang the song. It sounded like she lost something so important to her that she was no longer who she used to be. Lea lost Cory;  I lost myself. But then again, losing someone that you love is kind of like losing yourself, now isn’t it. We are not perfect human beings, but sometimes the things that break us, keep us broken for a while…and then we just dream of our yesterdays.


Hey There Delilah

Remember this pretty song that came out a few years back but its still regarded as one of the cutest love songs of our generation? Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees is a song about how distance doesn’t necessarily affect the strength of love. The song is basically an acoustic ode to the love that a boy has for his love. It is a hopeful song. It is just beautiful.


Deck The Rooftop

So, In the spirit of Christmas, I will be blogging about Christmas/Holiday songs that I find particularly pleasing to the ear. First off to start the Holiday season is Deck the Rooftop by the Glee Cast. This song is a mash up of two very popular holiday songs: Up on the Rooftop and Deck the Halls. This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. Its fun, peppy, and great for dancing to at a Holiday/Christmas party. Anyways, add this song to your holiday playlist and enjoy…because I defiently know that I will be enjoying this song on mine :).


Teenage Dream♥

Darren Criss. I love you. End of story. When you sang this song, My heart just broke. Tears came to my eyes. Your voice is so beautiful it reminds me of when dew drops touch the leaves on a tree and slowly roll down and hit the ground. Thats how beautiful this was. I have been listening to this on constant replay since last night. If I could give this rendition of the song a grammy award, you would have earned it! Katy Perry couldn’t even do to this song what you have done, so I give you props. Honestly the most beautiful piece of music I have heard in a while. Good Job!

P.S. I hope Blaine and Kurt stay together. This song just shows the love they have for each other. It will not end!

And This Is How I Feel Today…-_-

Fuck you. Not literally but, like the song’s title states, this is kind of what I want everyone to do today. This song is about love and such, but I would love to be alone today more than I would love to be with someone else. So therefore, I think this song is sutible for this kind of feeling. Enjoy some Cee Lo Green.