Feds Watching

Feds Watching is a song by rapper 2Chainz featuring, and obviously written by Pharell. This song is interesting as it moves away from 2Chainz regular style of music and ventures more into not only Pharell’s style, but more of a reggae fusion. More than the hilariously misplaced lyrics, the beat is extremely catchy and something that I can find myself dancing too.

One thing I appreciated about this music video was its ability to lean more towards appreciating the beauty of the dark-skinned woman compared to objectifying her. The video features many beautiful and gorgeous black women who are dressed in a more model-esque fashion. They are not appealing to a mans gratification, like in other rap videos, but they are simply just enjoying themselves in the sun at a pool house in each others company…and 2 Chainz company of course. It was refreshing to see a different depiction for once.

Notable Mention: My favourite line in this entire song has to be, “I just got some pants made out of Snake Skin”, when in actuality (and the music video) he does not wear snake skin pants. Must say I was truly disappointed about this.



Has this ever happened to you? You know, that horrible moment when you find a song that you just LOVE so you keep on playing it all day, every day on repeat and you choose not to stop this travesty until you begin to despise the song? Well, that’s what is happening to me right now.

I rarely every think that it is in my interest to turn on the radio to listen (even though I have a blog about music so this is kind of a bad practice). On Saturday though I decided that it was time to let a little radio listening into my life… and then I heard the song that would inevitably change my life (okay may just my day…and week). Rude by Magic! is a new song that has a reggae infused beat. No only do I love the beat (because I love reggae and all), but the lead singers voice (I do not know his name) is just so beautiful that I feel in love on sight. I mean, I watched the video and I really did feel his pain. The song is so catchy and entertaining that even though you get the point, you feel that all will be okay for him in the end because hes still happy despite some fatherly rejection….AND I NEVER SAID WHAT THE SONG WAS ABOUT SO. In short summary terms, the song is about a hipster musician that wants to marry this girl from a conservative, middle class, (presumably Republican) family. Due to his non ivy-league ways, the father feels that he should not marry his daughter even though it appears that they are both truly in love. In the end, love prevails and they appear to marry without the fathers acceptance or consent (I don’t think that this can end well though). But it is a great concept for a song and I love it. All I wonder now is if this whole scenario has any truth for the members of this band…or are they just playing with us? Hmm.


She’s Still Loving Me♥

REGGAE! I HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET! You would be surprised wouldn’t you? With my love for Bob Marley and other reggae musicians, I should have done a reggae post by now. I have really just been posting mainstream music and my goal for this blog is to make my music selection more diverse. So on that note, comment on any of my posts with any music you would love for me to review and I will gladly listen to it and do so. On to the actual song of the day.


I love this song. It is on of my favourite reggae/love songs. She’s Still Loving Me by: Morgan Heritage is a song about a woman still sticking by her man even through the hard times. It discusses love and dedication, which are necessary things in making a relationship last forever. They have lyrically illustrated this idea accurately. The beat behind the vocals is just as great. So, listen, enjoy, and rock away.