Book Review #7 – The Homecoming

“This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review”

The Homecoming by Stacie Ramey is a novel about finding yourself in times of insecurity and emotional strife.

John, thc975dc79924bab42d8efe55968f0e4e4e main protagonist, has been kicked out of his home and seen as the problem child ever since his brother got into an accident. His life hasn’t been the same since and he spends his time living with his other family members while he deals with his personal demons that are back home. In his last year of high school, John moves back home and back in with his mom, sister and brother. Angry most of the time, John yearns to run away from this life and to never look back. Along the way, he realizes his academic talents, develops a stronger bond with his little sister, falls in love, realizes that his parents aren’t all bad, and most importantly, he comes to terms with his ‘old’ brother being gone.

While this book did deal with heavy subject matter and the dark emotions of the protagonist, it failed to follow some form of flowing story-line throughout. It was well written and engaging, but felt more like a guide trough John’s self realizations than an actually dramatic novel. There was really no climax. While his feelings about the situation with his brother are resolved by the end of the novel, the death of his previous girlfriend is all but thrown at the back burner and we are left wondering, “What about her and all the pain he felt throughout the first 75% of the novel?” It was strange that the only resolution he had with that was telling her relative about his new girlfriend.

This book was an interesting read but it was not memorable. The beginning of the book was great and really explored the protagonist in depth. By the middle I had a full understanding of his struggles emotionally and his life. At the end, I was very confused as to what was going on and how he came to all of these conclusions and realizations. How did he resolve the issues in his life? This was not clearly gotten to. Also there was a lack of climax in this book. There were a bunch of little bumps to ride over, but no big hill and that took away from this novels potential.

The book had a lot more potential for growth. It had great components but left me wondering a lot towards the end. Having said that, I do not think that this book needs a sequel. Maybe a prequel so that I can understand the relationship he had with his deceased girlfriend with more clarity.

I would give this book 2.5/5 stars,  for as well written as it was, it was missing that kind hamburger style of writing (not saying that this is the only model), and it was more of a bun to meat to bun kind of book. Great intro, great middle, lack of a substantial ending.


eBook Review #3: A Long Goodbye

18625049I have just finished reading A Long Goodbye by Kelly Mooney. I stumbled upon this book while doing my usually iTunes rounds. Once again, this is another romance novel but I actually did quite like this one. This book is written from both the Female and Male protagonists point of view.

This book focuses on a young woman named Ashton, who is controlled by her politician father. He loves her but appears to love his profession more as he makes life decisions for her that will benefit him and his campaign in the long run. After Ashton’s mother passes away, her father becomes even more controlling and protective. As she is now an adult, she wants to have the freedom to make her own choices and to make her own mistakes. The tension between Ashton and her father begins when her dad encourages her to marry a man that she knows is bad for her. In light of this, she and her best friend Lu decide that it would be a good opportunity to go on a road trip so that she can experience what may be her last opportunity for freedom and happiness in her life. Her father agrees to let her go on this trip but hires someone to follow her, which she does not know.

Dane is a former Soilder. He has returned home due to trauma and injuries incurred while trying to save his friend in combat. He is unsure about whether or not he wants to return to the army when his brother provides him with a job that will benefit his company. He has been assigned to follow Ashton on her one week of travelling and to be discreet about it. He agrees and sets off on this new journey.

The long and the short is that Dane does not stay discreet and a romance begins between Woody and Grace (their alter egos). When they return back home, they will go through trails that will test their love for one another.

This was actually quite a good read. I enjoyed the fact that there was an element of mystery to this story. I also enjoyed the fact that there was so much at stake in this relationship and that class discrimination exists in this novel. The only thing I did not like about this book had to be the ending. Yes they do end up together and get married, and live happily ever after, I would have preferred if everything didn’t work out. There was so much against them throughout the novel that it kind of seemed strange that everything fell so perfectly into place, even with her friend Lu. For that, I would rate this book a 3.5/5.

eBook Review #2: Near & Far

Near and Far book coverTime for my second eBook review. This is for the sequel to the book Lost & Found, also by Nicole Williams. Near & Far is the continuation of Jesse and Rowen’s story. Rowen has decided that she wants to extend her education in art buy attending the community college a couple of hours away from Jesse and the farm. She has moved away and although they try to see each other as often as possible they still begin to grow apart in the way that young adult couples usually do when any type of distance is put between them. It is like things are changing for Rowen and she is growing as a person while Jesse stays the same because he is basically in the same place doing the same thing. As they begin to grow apart other trials take place that cause them to question their relationship, but just to follow the typical culture of romance novels, they find their way back to one another. I really did like this novel but I did not find it to be as amazing as the first. It was a good sequel that was enjoyable and a good extention of the first book. A third book about Rowen and Jesse is coming out in a couple of months and I hope that it will be as entertaining of a read as the first two were!


eBook Review #1: Lost & Found (Book 1)

lost and found - nicole williamsI normally blog about music but I thought that it was definitely time for a little change. Occasionally, I will be doing blog posts about eBooks that I have stumbled upon, read, and quite enjoyed. I don’t believe in negativity too much so I’m going to leave It out and only focus on the books that I liked. To start off with, I will write a short review on the book, Lost & Found by: Nicole Williams.

Lost & Found is a young adult (emphasis on the target audience due to latter themes) novel based around a troubled young woman named Rowen. Rowen faces challenges in her life and with her mother. In order to teach Rowen a lesson, her mother sends her off to live on a Ranch with he best friend from university. Upon arrival to the country side, she is greeted by a charming young cowboy named Jesse…and the rest is history (well its pretty typical). Rowen is gloomy. Jesse is positive and attractive. They fall in love despite their differences and they are better for it.

I really did enjoy this book for the fact that I was able to love both of the main characters. I loved the story line and way in which it progressed. I really have nothing that I would change about this book. The main thing that I liked was the reverse in gender roles. Rowen was more experienced in life than Jesse. This is an unusual theme in young adult books so it was refreshing to see a different perspective on youth romance.

I would rate this book a 9/10. It was really enjoyable and I recommend this read! I will post a review of the second one soon!