Of course again, the fun music of PSY, or simply that guy who sings Gangnam Style, has come to prevail! His new song Gentleman is in my honest opinion, even more catchy than the billion viewed Gangnam Style. It has an old video game kind of sound accompanied with his captivating Korean voice of which all of us English speaking folk can proudly state that they completely do not understand. But we do understand the course, “I’m a mother, father, gentleman”. Yes, we do understand the English part because we are English Speaking Folk. This beat, the lyrics (which we can attempt to sing along to), and the dance, are all as interesting in that way that it can only be when PSY does it. So, enjoy and have fun with this odd yet great piece of music.


Simarik (Kiss Kiss)

I actually had no clue what this song was about until I listened to the english version, but no version compares to the original turkish version. Tarkan’s Simarik (Kiss Kiss) is an incredibly catchy song. The beat it is a great dancing beat and whether or not you understand the words, you’re gonna want to keep on dancing whenever you hear this song.


La Loi De La Jungle

PZK! J’taime le chanson.  Le chanson est chanter dans francais. Les musicains dans le groupe est French.

Enough french for now. I just wanted to see if I could still apply the french I learned to writing simple sentences. Anyways, whether or not you speak french this song is a fun clubbing song that you can listen to at anytime you want a dose of fun. So I recommend that you all listen to this feel good song.

P.S. I don’t really get the concept of the video, and defiently do not recommend that any of you plan a party as wild (and fun) as the one in this video.