14 Relaxing Songs For A Relaxing Sunday

Thought Catalog

February Sundays have a wonderfully directionless tone to them. There’s no football for half the population to center the day around, and it’s not yet warm enough to embark on culturally relevant “I’m gonna make my co-workers jealous with how fun I am” outdoor activities.

If there were ever a time for sweatpants, coffee, and trend pieces about hilariously unaffordable real estate, it’d be right now. With that, here’s 14 songs to honor the Sunday malaise:

1. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Excruciatingly predictable, but nicely on-the-nose.

2. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

Fast Car, in addition to being ranked one of the greatest songs of all-time, arguably captures Sunday escapism to a tee. You wanna go somewhere, anywhere, but not feel rushed. The tone and pacing of Fast Car suggests that starting over is something that’s done on one’s own terms and schedule.

3. The A Team…

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