When I Was Your Man

I needed a song about regret…and this was the only one that came to mind. In this song, Bruno Mars is singing about his regret in not making the right decisions while in a relationship was the love of his life. He waited till it was too late and realized what he had when it was gone. The regret was so great that he wrote a powerful and emotional song about it. Now, I have a regret and its strong enough to write a blog post about it. I regret not applying for a semester abroad exchange in university. Lets look at this trip abroad as the man I could have had but let go. I thought of all of the negatives: too expensive, away from family, I know no one, different school, out of my comfort zone, too much money… Now that I look back on my decision, I kind of regret it. I let the one opportunity I had to learn in a different country go for foolish reasons. I have only ever lived in Toronto, and in Quebec for a bit, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to go anywhere else, nor do I think that I will have this opportunity again. So, just like Bruno Mars, I did not see what I had in front of me at the time and I may never get it back. But I have to look at the possibility for other opportunities in the future and conquer them as they come. So instead of “When I Was Your Man”, it should be, “When I had the chance to fly but let the fear of heights stunt me”.

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