You’ll Be In My Heart

A little Phil Collins to drown your sadness in tonight? Well, I just found out that Nelson Mandela, my idol, has passed away. Although I knew that this was expected at his age, I just didn’t…well expect it. I am extremely saddened by this news as I know many around the world are tonight. As I was watching CNN and other news sources (Twitter) discuss the death of Mandela, I just couldn’t help but hear “You’ll Be In My Heart” playing in my head. I was thinking about Tarzan, and how he lost his family and was never really accepted by people because he was raised differently. The one thing that he learnt probably better than the others from his childhood was how to love and share love. That reminded me of Mandela and he will continue to be in my heart. You see, his message is universal, strong, and powerful. He alone moved mountains and caused change that I could never even consider doing. His power changed and saved the lives of many and made the world a little bit of a better place. There are few people like Mandela in the world; there will probably not be another like Mandela in our lifetimes. If we take his teachings with us day by day, we can all help to make the world a little bit of a better place.


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