8 Songs That Will Get Your Butt Out Of Bed In The Morning

Thought Catalog

1.”Another Day (Gotta Get Up)” by Jill Scott

This goes first because it’s a literal ode to getting your lazy bones out of bed. Jill Scott sings, “I – don’t want to – Go to work today – I ‘d rather – Stay home – And play video games- I wanna chill. But I gotta get up. I gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta get up.” That’s basically the entire song—her yelling at you to get up and stop pressing “snooze” on your alarm clock. I played this song a lot when I was in college and had the terrible misfortune of having a class before noon, and it totally worked.

2. “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones may seem like a cliche choice but their music is just so perfect for giving you that kick in the ass you need in…

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